481: Open invitation—wherever you live —to help each other Lift Cities in Prayer

Here’s an Open Invitation: Share your prayers with us …

    Pray along with the hundreds of millions of Americans who tell pollsters they are praying every day. Pray along with the countless men and women who are lifting up their families, their communities, their nations—and our world.
    Specifically right now, join our readers far and wide who are planning to set aside a little bit of time each day for three weeks, starting August 23, to “Lift Your City in Prayer.”
    We guarantee you this—you’ll feel better if you join in this major effort, you’ll see your home in a new way—and you may discover a new role for yourself within your community.
    But—what if you don’t “pray” exactly? What if you’re among the millions whose spiritual journey is not something you’d call a “religion”? We welcome you. We’re not trying to convert you. We simply invite you to set aside a bit of time each day for reflection on your core community—and your role in it.

Here’s how we are helping …

    NEAR OUR HOME OFFICE: We’re practicing what we’re preaching. We’re co-sponsoring “Lift Detroit in Prayer.” Here’s the resource page for our effort in Michigan: www.LiftDetroitInPrayer.com Please, feel free to adapt any of these ideas as a helpful model for your hometown.
    NEW GRAPHICS YOU CAN SHARE: We’ve just placed online a free “reminder card” you can download and print if you live in Michigan. (It’s right there on the LiftDetroitInPrayer.com resource page.) Yes, it’s specific to our “Detroit” version of this prayer project—but, wherever you live, you can feel free to modify these ideas for your core community.
    INSPIRING STORIES: We’ve just published a dramatic, two-part story about one courageous man’s decision to face down guns, fire, riot and earthquake to continue his spiritual commitment to his city: Los Angeles. Ken Flowers’ story will move you.
    RECOMMENDING PRAYER BOOKS: You can pick your own, of course. In fact, we’re encouraging you to write your own prayers—in your own traditions. And, if you’re not a “praying” person—then jot down your own heart-felt reflections and meditate on those each day. But, to get you started, we’ve recommended some great new books with urban themes.
    DIGGING INTO THE CORE VALUES BEHIND PRAYER: We just published a week-long series of provocative stories—and questions—about some of the spiritual values that should undergird our communities. Written by Daniel Buttry, author and international peace negotiator for American Baptist Churches, you’re free to cut-and-paste, repost or print out these 5 stories. They’re great for use with small groups.

Here’s what you can do …

    WHEREVER YOU LIVE: We’re calling on all readers to send us your prayers, your thoughts, your small-group ideas—even your photographs or children’s artwork—showing us your spiritual hopes for your cities. We plan to celebrate these themes through August and into September.
    We’ve heard from many readers over the past year, eager to get involved and share creative ideas with us. Well, now is a great time!
    Contact us via Email—we welcome hearing from you! Help us circle the globe with prayers that—quite simply—can light up our lives and our communities at a time when we really need this helpful energy.


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