501: Start praying with these young people for our cities around the world

There’s so much to inspire us this week!
    Ramadan is underway and you can enjoy daily inspiring stories from our Muslim neighbors.
    Want a sane and civil place to discuss health care reform? Dr. Wayne Baker invites you to do just that at www.OurValues.org
    AND, this is Day 2 of Lift Your City in Prayeror, it’s called Lift Detroit in Prayer close to our Home Office in Michigan.

To help you start praying …

    On Sunday morning, we invited a college group at the University of Michigan to offer prayers for cities around the world that are close to the students’ hearts. I told this group the dramatic story of this year’s co-chair, the Rev. Kenneth Flowers. (If you missed it, here’s Ken’s story, “Through Riot, Fire and Earthquake …”) Then, I rolled out wall-sized maps of the United States and the World—and asked the members of this college group to spend time in silent reflection over their beloved cities.
    When we returned to our circle, they shared an array of prayers that moved my heart!
    There were too many prayers to share in a single day. So, I’ve chosen 4 prayers to share today.
    Come back tomorrow for a prayer over New Orleans—and news about a powerful new documentary film about New Orleans that will be released this week on DVD. (Did you remember that this week is the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina?)

A Prayer for Tehran, Iran(by Tommy)

    I’m lifting up the city of Tehran in prayer, praying for the citizens of Tehran as well as the entire population of Iran.
    After what the world has witnessed over the past several weeks and months through the Iranian people’s struggle over elections and their future, I pray for their security and well-being. And I pray for the well-being of all the people of Iran.
    I pray that as Iran’s leaders act—they will consider the well-being of all the world’s citizens.
    I’m lifting up the city of Tehran in prayer.

A Prayer for Yambol, Bulgaria(by Alyssa)

     I pray for the city of Yambol.

    Where children have nothing —yet are rich in happiness.

    I pray that the people of Yambol know God is present and caring.
    I pray Yambol will continue to shine with happiness—and will always find hope.

A Prayer for Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic(by Philip)

     Lord, we pray with the citizens of Santo Domingo.

    Help us to humble ourselves.
    Help us to see your light.
    We lift Santo Domingo in prayer.

A Prayer for Meru, Kenya(by Caleb)

    I pray for the city of Meru, Kenya.
    For those without running water, let them be blessed with the living water of your love

What is your prayer? Email us.

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