515 Welcome the new year with prayer —in Detroit, Chicago & your city, too

Lift detroit in prayer rally 2008 Millions of families are settling into the new “school year,” our national leadership here in America is turning a fresh page—and our Jewish and Muslim neighbors are preparing for major milestones. We’re just a week away from the great festival that ends the fast of Ramadan and, following those same lunar cycles set in motion from the dawn of time, the Jewish New Year is coming, as well.
    So, let’s pray, shall we?

    Join us at 11 a.m. Saturday September 12!
    Bring your prayer for the whole community of Detroit—wherever you live in Michigan—to our rally in Detroit’s New Center area. Write your prayer in the blank prayer books we will provide that day. Pick up your free bumper sticker to let people know you’re praying for this core community.
    All the details are at http://www.LiftDetroitInPrayer.com

    Join people gathering at 1:30 p.m. Sunday September 13 in a small city that’s in Cook County along the south side of Chicago.
    We’ve got all the details you’ll need to know about that, as well.

    And, we know that we have regular readers as far away as India, Indonesia, Austalia, New Zealand and South Africa.
    Here’s a page where college students have written prayers for the cities they love around the world—including Iran, Kenya and other countries.
    See the kinds of prayers others already are praying on that page.
    Take heart.
    And send us the words of your prayer for your city. We want to share your words of faith with others.

Lift your city in prayer 2008

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