564 Ten Best Bets for Holiday Shopping: The whole awe-inspiring list at a glance

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    We had a difficult time limiting this shopping list to “10 Best Bets”—and I’ll let you in on a little secret here: We’re going to share a few more great ideas before this season is over. Next week, for example, you’ll meet an author who’s reached nearly legendary status in American Indian culture: Kent Nerburn. He’s not Indian himself, but his “Neither Wolf Nor Dog” is a beloved classic of cross-cultural reflection.
    We’ve also got some prophetic Evangelical voices on the horizon who’ll surprise you with what they’re saying about Christian commitments at this time of year. And, we’re going to salute some superb films and television programs, coming up soon—shows that you won’t find without a little help from friends … like us.
    So, stay tuned as we move through toward December …

To recap our week of “awe-inspiring” books, here’s the whole list in all its glory …

CLICK HERE for Reviews and News on Books 1 to 4:
    1.) Rob Bell’s “Drops Like Stars”—the pioneering evangelist’s coffee-table meditation on faith and creativity in the face of loss.
    2.) Patrick McDonnell‘s and Eckhart Tolle‘s “Guardians of Being”—exploring how pets can open up our own spiritual resources.
    3.) R. Crumb‘s “Book of Genesis Illustrated”—already a red-hot graphic novel, one artist’s quirky take on scripture.
    4.) Fernando Molere‘s “Lives of Devotion”—moving photographs of monks from around the world.

CLICK HERE for a Review, News and an Interview on Book 5:
    5.) Tim Barnwell‘s “Hands in Harmony”—a fascinating collection of the photographers’ long-time quest to capture the arts and music of Appalachia.
    As Editor of ReadTheSpirit, I’ve added one of my own memories of an evening spent with Bluegrass patriarch Bill Monroe—and strongly recommend “Hands in Harmony” as someone who knows a number of the people between the covers of Barnwell’s book. (NOTE: This is one of two multi-media productions on our list.)

CLICK HERE for a Review, News and an Interview on Book 6:
    6.) Father Thomas Keating‘s “Centering Prayer” multimedia kit—a daring idea from a master of contemplative prayer. Keating worked with Sounds True to produce this monastery in a box: a collection of lectures by Keating on DVD, audio CDs, prayer cards and a workbook.
    Keating is recovering from a heart ailment but made time to speak with ReadTheSpirit for our weekly in-depth “Conversation.” It’s an inspiring overview of Keating’s work in Centering Prayer, his love of science, his faith in the goodness of humanity and his hope for the future.

CLICK HERE for Reviews and News on Books 7 to 10:
    7.) Bob Dylan’s “Bob Dylan Revisited”—a celebration of both the graphic novel and Dylan’s legacy created by artists from around the world. Dylan allowed these 13 cutting-edge comic artists to “revisit” 13 of his most famous songs.
    8.) Willis Barnstone‘s “The Restored New Testament”—a massive life’s work by a literary and biblical scholar.
    9.) Edward Lucie-Smith‘s “The Glory of Angels”—a gorgeous coffee-table book packed with big beautiful fine-arts images of angels.
    10.) Barbara Brown Taylor‘s “An Altar in the World”—a manifesto by a prophetic Christian teacher that’s been popular all year long.


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