588: Top Ten New Years Resolutions for 2010 … if we’re spiritually reflecting

he decade hasn’t ended just yet. (Math purists say we’ve got another year, but most of us are counting down the final days of the Aughts.)
    At ReadTheSpirit, we’re ready! We’ve got some very creative, provocative voices lined up! That starts with Mae Cannon on Wednesday. Then, our first two major author interviews in 2010 include an important Muslim writer, talking about Islam’s challenges in the next decade, plus one of America’s top Christian evangelists will visit ReadTheSpirit to talk about how he plans to shake up the landscape in the new year.
    Right now, in these quiet days between Christmas and New Year’s Day, please help us compile Top 10 Spiritual Resolutions for 2010.
    (Last week, we asked for help in compiling a different list: “Top 10 News Stories of 2009 That Affected Congregations.” That list caused quite a stir and also was part of an online-radio broadcast you can catch via this page on our Web site.)
    To kick off this new list, we searched through a host of inspirational magazines, blogs and Web sites to see what people are jotting down as resolutions, this year. The following poll offers 10 choices that are bubbling to the top for many men and women right now. You can pick as many of the 10 items as you’d like, before clicking to “Cast Your Vote.”
    You should see a blue-and-white survey box below. (If you don’t, then try clicking on the headline at the top of today’s story and that should reload this Web page for you—and the survey should appear.)
    If the automatic polling form fails on your computer (we’re just testing it today)—or if you’d like to add to our list of 10 items with other resolutions—then let us know what’s on your New Year’s Resolution list via Email at [email protected].


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