619: From Darwin to Brian McLaren, readers are sharing great ideas!

wo giants.
    Both moving us to rethink our world.
     Of course, Brian McLaren himself would laugh at the notion that his name will go down in history with the prominence of a Charles Darwin. But, they both are prophetic voices at times of turbulent change in our global culture.
    This week, we’re also experimenting with online formats here at ReadTheSpirit. Our “Spirit of Darwin” page is still under active development—along with readers just like you—collecting and publishing our best ideas. If we’re going to help heal the historic rift between religion and science, then we need to assemble our best recommendations of books, Web sites and other resources. Over the past seven days, you’ve done just that. The Spirit of Darwin 2010 page changes each day!

    We also experimented, this week, with our presentation on Brian McLaren’s terrific book, “A New Kind of Christianity.” We’ve tried to share Brian’s ideas with you in several formats.
    First, we shared an excerpt of the book.
    Second, we published an in-depth interview with Brian—drawing out of him further ideas about the impact of these 10 questions he wants people to start asking. He also talks, in this interview, about how to use this new book within your own community.
    Finally, Brian’s new book crossed over into the OurValues.org Web site, which is produced by Dr. Wayne Baker. That Web site is an ongoing experiment in encouraging civil dialogue on difficult issues. In his Web site, Dr. Baker zeroed in on one of the most difficult challenges Brian raises: “Fundasexuality.” Curious what that new term means? Well, check out OurValues.org

    We hope you’ll keep telling us what you think! There are Email and comment links sprinkled through these pages, linked above.
    Make sure to come back next week for some impressive Lenten ideas we’ll be sharing, since millions of Americans will be starting the Lenten season.


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