621: Women and media …

Trish, thanks for sending me the link on women’s online user patterns.
The clip you sent is a 2005 clip, which is great — but this data is rapidly transforming, even within the past year or two.

Some of the latest data is showing dramatic growth among women in substantive use of online resources.
Example: 9 out of 10 women say they’ve used some online health resource in the past year.
Example: Men traditionally spent more time online in general, but in specific categories, women are zooming upward.

Women tend to move toward online resources that focus on Family, Relationships, Wellness, Shopping, etc.
But, for example: They spend far less time on YouTube than men.

Latest data I can find says that about 80 million women say they’re “online”

Out of that larger group, half say they’re “online weekly” in “some form of social media activity.”
That’s a powerful audience.

Here are several individual clips if you care to read more:

Women outnumber men on social-networking sites (Wall Street Journal October 2009):

Men were earlier to adopt mobile reading and use of Web sites —
but women are expanding far more rapidly now into this area (Nielsen
July 2009):

Among senior-age Americans increasing Web usage, women outpace men (Nielsen December 2009):

ALSO — John Hile will spend the last week of February in New York
at Tools of Change, hosted by the big names in emerging digital
John’s been attending this conference “track” of professionals, now, for four years.

I’m sure a whole array of the latest data will be rolled out there.
I’m expecting to see these trend lines, vis a vis women, to continue in these directions.

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