624 Readers joining our Lenten journey … and lots more like “interfaith saints”

his is Lent for 2 billion Christians around the world—and we thank so many readers for your encouraging words about our Lenten resources!
    “You’ve got a winner here!” Diane Fausel from a Catholic community in Arizona said about the free 40-day inspirational series now unfolding at www.OurLent.info “I always make it a point to review your webpage and share your wisdom with our parishioners on our staff blog. Keep up the good work.”
    We also know that most Americans won’t really start hearing about Lent until Sunday morning. We’re right here—ready to help you have a wonderful, thoughtful experience in this season that leads to Easter …

     Follow the FREE Our Lent Series every day: We are going to publish all 40 chapters of the book, “Our Lent: Things We Carry,” on this special Web site you can reach by clicking on this link. The easy-to-remember URL is http://www.OurLent.info

    Add to our 2010 Lenten Resources page: Lots of readers are sending us ideas of good books, films, Web sites and other ideas you’re finding this year. We’re sifting through those incoming suggestions and updating this Resources page several times each week. Check back often. Email us ideas at [email protected]
    TODAY, look for a fresh idea from the Humane Society of the United States about—recipes. That’s right, recipes.

    Many of our readers are not Christian, so we’re also publishing newsy stories on a broad range of religious themes …

   Two Boundary-Crossing Saints: If you missed it earlier this week, check out the stories and links about Irena Sendler, the heroic Catholic nurse who saved thousands of children during the Holocaust, and Sri Ramakrisna, the Hindu sage who also crossed boundaries to promote compassion and peace.
    Remembering the Holocaust: We reported news this week about the release of a rare, early Holocaust film from eastern Europe. “The Last Stage” finally is available in an American DVD version. The feature film is a drama, but its production by an Auschwitz survivor shortly after the war ended also makes this a valuable historical artifact from this era.

    A Pioneer’s Remarkable Spiritual Journey: We were honored, this week, to welcome Dr. Jacob Needleman, a pioneer in promoting inter-religious understanding in the U.S. His memoir, “What Is God?” was just released by Tarcher-Penguin and we talked with Needleman about the timeless power of religious wisdom.

    And, for Something Completely Different—Tea Party, Anyone? ReadTheSpirit readers may have overlooked the fascinating series unfolding this week at www.OurValues.org—a Web site that promotes civil dialogue on difficult issues related to American values. All this week, Dr. Wayne Baker has been exploring the so-called Tea Party  movement.


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