629: We’re connecting spiritual dots … Tiger Woods, Cat in the Hat and more

elping you make sense of your daily spiritual adventure! That’s what we do here, when we share fresh ideas about books, movies, music—and we publish news about writers, singers and celebrities.
    We’re talking about the Big Spiritual Questions like:
    Why should I get out of bed in the morning? (Why are we here?)
    How can I make it through another one of these stressful days? (How shall we live?)
    And, at the end of the day—hey, what did I accomplish today that truly mattered? (What’s our ultimate purpose?)

    All this week—with ReadTheSpirit publishing full tilt, OurValues challenging sports stars’ authenticity, OurLent laying out daily inspirational stories and Spiritual Wanderer contributing to the mix as well … … Wow!
    We’re sharing with you TONS of inspiring, thought-provoking ideas! Our overall readership around the world is rising. And, today, we’re simply going to publish a little poetry-like, connect-the-dots set of links to invite you to explore the rich array awaiting you here.

    We kicked off this week with a TIGER! Tiger Woods’ apology is the big question at OurValues this week.

    Then, we immediately added a RHINOCEROS! Singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer named one of her best new songs after rhinos.

    Then, we added ANOTHER rhino! Candlewick Books literally released a rhinoceros for children this week in “Let’s Save the Animals.

    And we talked a lot about the moral legacy of SAVING or NOT SAVING those who are endangered! The entire Polish village of Belzec is haunted by that year in the heart of the Holocaust when no one lifted a finger to save hundreds of thousands of Jews.

    LIFTING A FINGER also is what a lot of smart street-level philosophers are urging us to do! You can’t watch “Examined Life” without wanting to hit the road yourself to help meet the world’s needs.

    And, HITTING THE ROAD? Well, that’s the fuel behind some of singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer’s best lyrics, which we published (at least a sample of them) on Monday.

    Speaking of SINGERS, we’ve got John Lennon looming on Monday (there’s a preview plug!) in the OurLent series of stories. And, over the past week, our spiritual adventures along the road to Jerusalem ranged from the Cat in the Hat to Lenny Bruce!
    Does this all seem just TOO ADVENTUROUS? Well, this weekend, it’s Purim! Talk about timeless adventure stories! If you don’t know about Queen Esther, jump  over to Stephanie Fenton’s “Spiritual Season” column and read more!


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