644: Cool ideas in many forms: Flags, Superheroes, Faces … and Nothing

e started this week with a promise: Share with you “sparks of creativity that we can kindle into new life: new faith, new
compassion, new energy to connect with others and build that new world
we all hope will emerge.”
    We’ve covered a SUPER collection of cool ideas. If you’re just catching up with us—here’s a quick overview of the gems …

Colorful Children’s Book and Universal Flag:
    Monday, we recommended “The Sun and the Moon,” a playful story about an argument between the two great orbs—and, we told you about a Universal Flag that caught the eye of one reader, who told me: “I love that flag! Why can’t we celebrate all the world’s colors all the time? … I plan to hang one in my back yard this spring.” Enjoy our review of this book-and-flag concept.

Superman, Mayan Genius and Wisdom as We Age:
    Tuesday, we shared tips on 3 books you’re not likely to find without some help. Check out our reviews of “2000 Years of Mayan Literature” (that thriller “2012” fudged its Mayan facts), “Our Hero: Superman on Earth” (explore why we’re so drawn to superheroes), and “Talking with God in Old Age: Meditations and Psalms” (let’s re-focus on spiritual gifts in aging).
    Tom Walters, a teacher from Philadelphia, sent a message on the Mayan book: “There’s been too much dumbing-down of the Mayans as Hollywood Central Casting crazies … like the Egyptian mummies that made us shudder as kids. … You told us about what sounds like a good book, but you didn’t tell readers that Mayans are alive and well to this day.”
    Well, Tom, now we have. Thanks!

ANYTHING Worthwhile to Say about NOTHING?
    Of course there is! And, Joan Konner proves it in “You Don’t Have to be Buddhist to Know Nothing.” She’s a highly respected journalist and longtime colleague of Bill Moyers whose research shows us the timeless importance of “Nothing.” There’s a lot of fun in her approach to the subject, but a serious side as well: Nothing really is the space where, as Shel Silverstein told us as kids, “the sidewalk ends.”
    Meet Joan in this in-depth interview about her work on … the spiritual importance of Nothing.

Passover’s Coming. Celebrate Judaism Now:
    Thursday, we welcomed Debra Darvick, a popular writer whose byline pops up regularly in national magazines, telling us the inside story of the challenges she faced in creating “I Love Jewish Faces.”
    Once again, we recommended a so-called “children’s book” to you. And, pssst, don’t tell kids—but many of today’s children’s books are terrific for adults as well. We highlighted this new book early, because you just might want to order a copy—so it’s here for the holiday.




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