654: Passover and Holy Week converge in hope, creativity—and somber resolve

eaders praised our array of stories this week—a pretty unusual mix of themes from the Wild West to a somber remembrance of the Holocaust.
    “Thank you for the powerful commentary on the Holocaust,” reader Brenda from Michigan wrote on Thursday.
    “Can’t miss a day! I mean, you’re all over the world!” laughed TomTom, a freelance writer based in Boston. “Tombstone to Theresienstadt in 24 hours.”
    “We need a lot more role models with more brains than bombs like this Rabbi Harvey. … I never heard of these comic books before this week, but I plan to recommend them to my kids,” said Anne R, a high school teacher in Los Angeles.
    We’re pleased that we surprised you this week, because our aim is to spot great resources for you—especially books, films and television that you might miss without tips from ReadTheSpirit.

IF you’re just catching up with us on the weekend …

1.) Remember the Holocaust via our new Resources Page. It’s appropriate this week—and again next week. Come back on Sunday to read Stephanie Fenton’s latest “Spiritual Season” column and you’ll learn that two worldwide memorials are coming next week. These are “never forget” dates for millions of men and women circling our globe: April 7 is the anniversary of the start of the Rwnandan genocide in 1994. Sundown on April 10 is the start of Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.

2.) Celebrate Courage and the Wisdom to Turn Violence Toward Peace with Rabbi Harvey. Part 1 is our review and overview of Steve Sheinkin’s creative new third volume in his “Rabbi Harvey of the Wild West” series of graphic novels. Part 2 is an in-depth interview with Sheinkin—where we pull the curtain back enough so you can see the larger forces driving this remarkable artist and historian.

3.)  And Don’t Miss the Vivid Slice of Hope from Afghanistan. The brave young people daring to perform on national TV in Afghanistan—in a celebration of freedom and popular culture—should be celebrated by all of us … far and wide. These young men and women have risked more than their pride in the Afghan knock-off of “American Idol.” They’re risking their lives!




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