662: Launching a Major Chorus of Women’s Voices

Two headlines proclaim today’s Big News at ReadTheSpirit!

FIRST: “Welcome to an Adventure in Making Friends!”

That’s the headline in our brand new “Faith and Friendshp Magazine”—the debut of a weekly series of articles written by—and about—women. The stories are focused on the single biggest challenge we’ve heard readers describe in their daily lives: Making a good friend. The challenge is harder when the new friend is from another religious or ethnic group.

We spent a year working with a diverse network of women, inviting them to write their real-life stories about friendship. Today, we debut the first of a weekly series of articles at “Faith and Friendship Magazine.” Click here to take a look!

SECOND: “Help Make Peace, 1 Friend at a Time …
Buy This Groundbreaking Book and Spread the News”

This is an all-out appeal to our readers who care about peace—and the roles of women in our communities. This page tells all about the new book that goes on sale today, called “Friendship and Faith.” This book contains dozens of the best stories we collected—and is perfect to spark discussion groups in your community. By buying a book, you help us demonstrate to the world the importance—and the peacemaking power—of these ideas.

Want to tell a friend right now? You can! Links below this story let you Email or Print this news to share with friends. If you’re spreading the news by word of mouth, just tell friends to visit: www.FriendshipAndFaith.com

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