An Open Letter from Dr. David Gushee as 2022 Begins



First, we must remember.

The world has just marked International Holocaust Memorial Day.

The Holocaust must never be forgotten. This was not just an eruption of hatred against the Jews by the Nazi regime. It was a systematic government-sponsored genocide, and one that found willing collaborators all across (Christian) Europe—along with a heroic minority of resisters and rescuers.

We should never be done grieving, remembering, and repenting.

In 2020, I wrote about a new book that shows that the help and assistance to the Jews being persecuted under the Nazis came from minorities, people on the margins. It’s a reminder that in an era of increasingly paranoid religious-political majoritarianism, look to the margins for those doing the important work. You can read more about my book recommendation in this column I headlined: History Shows the View is Best from the Margins.

Second, early registration is open for this April event

I’m super excited to be with Brian Kaylor and Beau Underwood at Word & Way on April 23, 2022, to offer a special webinar on the themes of my new book Introducing Christian Ethics: Core Convictions for Christians Today.

This webinar will be a quick, relevant ethics course, and we’ll tackle some of our biggest questions. It’d be great to have you there.

Space is limited, and you’ll save by signing up early, via eventbrite.

Clicking on this mini-poster also will take you to the eventbrite registration page.

Third, please check out this free podcast

MennoMedia (thoughtful Anabaptist resources to enrich Christian faith in a complex world) has an outstanding podcast. We covered a lot of good ground, especially thinking about the hope for the future of the church and Christian tradition while talking about my new book. Check it out here.


Friends—I so appreciate you.

Thank you for traveling together as we follow Jesus and seek a loving, ethical way to live in our world today.

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