Author, peace activist Brenda Rosenberg helps Girl Scouts promote peace and acceptance

Generation to Generation:
Teaching the Values of Peace and Acceptance

My promise to make the world a better place is …

  • to help the poor.
  • to love and accept everyone as myself.
  • to increase the amount of smiles I see on a daily basis.
  • to help people.
  • to share my ideas and listen to others’ ideas.
  • to be kind and loving to everybody.”

These are just a few of the pledges young women make in this inspiring 4-minute video from one group of Girl Scouts of Southeast Michigan, meeting at Holy Family Regional School in Rochester, Michigan.

Author and peace activist Brenda Rosenberg was on hand to talk with the girls about promoting interfaith awareness—and peacemaking in general.

Here’s the 4-minute video:

Brenda Rosenberg:
Diversity is the Future 

In Michigan, The Jewish News published a report by Stefani Chudnow on Brenda’s work with the interfaith initiative among Girl Scouts of Southeast Michigan.

Stefani’s story begins:

For the past several years, society has felt more divided than ever. It’s been an “us” versus “them” mentality for a while now, but politics has made everyday society increasingly hateful. Working to combat this is native Detroiter and interfaith activist Brenda Rosenberg.

Rosenberg is the Jewish liaison to the Interfaith Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan. This group not only works to combat hatred among independent cultural groups starting at young ages, but also aims to develop myriad events meant to bring young girls with different backgrounds together.

“Several years ago, Suzanne Bante, who chairs the Interfaith Girl Scouts of Southeast Michigan, contacted the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit and wanted to speak to Jewish women who were interested in interfaith work,” Rosenberg said. “I was one of those women.” 

Click here to visit The Jewish News website and read Stefani’s entire story.

Brenda Rosenberg:
Read More and Take Action

Click on the cover to visit the book’s Amazon page.

Do you know a family involved in scouting in your part of the world? Are you a scout or a parent, or a grandparent, of a scout? Follow Brenda’s example.

Or email us with a question for Brenda via [email protected]

Want to learn more about Brenda’s larger approach to training in conflict transformation? She calls it Tectonic Leadership and you can order her book from Amazon.

The book’s description:

Harnessing the Power of Tension by Brenda Rosenberg and Samia Bahsoun introduces the paradoxical and evolutionary leadership approach to conflict transformation—Tectonic Leadership. By harnessing tension, the authors bridge their commitment as Jew and Arab to directly address the tension that separates them and use it to build alliances at home, in the boardroom, on campus and in communities.

To learn more about Brenda’s multi-media approach to global peacemaking, visit her home website.

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