Babson College: No. 1 for 30 years!

I just had to crow a little bit, this week, in the pages of ReadTheSpirit magazine!

My alma mater just hit the 30-year mark of No. 1 rankings as a center for entrepreneurial education. Here’s a link to the official Babson story, headlined: Three Decades at No. 1: Babson Leads Graduate Entrepreneurship Education

Readers of my memoir Shining Brightly already know a lot about Babson’s influence in my own life—and in the lives of many other wonderful people around the world. I also share, in my book, some amazing stories about our school’s founder, Roger Babson. Among other things, he predicted the 1929 stock market crash well before it happened—and offered lots of helpful wisdom about how to survive such traumatic times.

From his days at the helm of the school until today, I’m impressed with my school’s consistent commitment to entrepreneurial excellence. That’s why I put so much effort into supporting Babson’s worldwide alumni network.

This week, I just want the world to know I’m cheering: Go Babson!



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