Give Holiday Spirit with … ReadTheSpirit

Happy Holidays! Give a gift of Spirit—and support your friends, the authors and writers at ReadTheSpirit. You’ll find all of our books showcased, if you care to browse on your own. And, let us recommend a few great gift-giving ideas.

MOVIE FANS ON YOUR LIST? If you’ve got a James Bond or Twilight fan on your shopping list, you can’t do better than books by Dr. Benjamin Pratt and Jane Wells. Ian Fleming’s Seven Deadlier Sins and 007’s Moral Compass is popular with readers who welcome a practical approach to making 2013 a more hopeful year. Glitter in the Sun is terrific for fans who also enjoy traditional Bible study.

CALLING ALL DOG LOVERS: After dozens of dog-themed Christmas movies, the year-end holidays have become a bark-fest of loveable canine friends. But, if you’ve got someone on your gift list who has an elderly dog—or perhaps lost a dog in 2012—this season can be a challenge. Rob Pasick’s Conversations with My Old Dog is the kind of book people cherish and keep on a handy shelf to read again.

THE SEASON OF PEACE AND FREEDOM: Whether Hanukkah or Christmas is your holiday, themes of religious freedom and the quest for world peace run through your community. Blessed Are the Peacemakers circles the globe. If you’re thinking of this book as a stocking stuffer, here’s a moving column by author Daniel Buttry called “We Are the Socks” that you will want to print out and give with a copy of his book.

NEED PEACE CLOSE TO HOME? Do you have kids who are eager for the year-end break from school and are dreading the start of classes in January? That might be because they face bullying. We worked with a team from Michigan State University to produce a book that’s helpful for parents and families: The New Bullying.

GOT A WEARY CAREGIVER ON YOUR LIST? The nation’s millions of caregivers rank high on everyone’s list. That’s why we launched the new web portal. And, that’s why we are publishing a half dozen books to lighten the spirits of caregivers and all those coping with life-threatening challenges. The best gift for caregivers on your list is Dr. Benjamin Pratt’s Guide for Caregivers with its bright red cover. Our most popular book, at the moment, for anyone coping with life-threatening challenges, is Godsigns by Suzy Farbman. Simply want to give your loved one a healthy laugh about life? Check out Rodney Curtis’s The Spiritual Wanderer.

PLAN AHEAD—WITH A GIFT FOR THE NEW YEAR: A creative and forward-looking idea is to give your loved one a book they can enjoy in the next major Christian season: Lent. Readers in countless congregations have enjoyed walking day-by-day toward Easter with Our Lent: Things We Carry.

WHAT’S MORE? Order any of these books via our easy Amazon links today—and you’ll have them well before your holiday!


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