Chicago-area Churches walk and pray for City of Harvey and the U.S.

Sunday, September 13, 2009, 1:30 PM

Harvey, Illinois
    Harvey is a Chicago-area city of 30,000 in Cook County, Illinois. It’s just south of the city of Chicago.

For Information Contact:
Father Rod Reinhart

    St. Clement’s Episcopal Church, 15245 South Loomis, Harvey.
    [email protected]
    (708) 528-9862 or (708) 389-0733

NEWS RELEASE from Harvey congregations:
    With threats of violence, gangs and guns today, our children are at risk, our cities are under siege, and even our president is under extra security.

In these difficult times, four churches in Harvey, Illinois, have decided to stand up and take action.
    They are holding a first annual Walk of Prayer… a sweet hour of prayer… where church members and civic leaders will walk around the community praying for the safety of our children and our children… praying for economic, and social renewal, and praying that our police and our political leaders will have the courage to rid the city of gangs, guns and drugs.
    The churches of Harvey have a long history of working together, and this Sweet Hour Walk of Prayer is no exception. Father Rod Reinhart, pastor of St. Clement’s Episcopal Church, invited the Rev. Willie Cotton, pastor of Holy Bible, Missionary Baptist Church, the Rev. Carl Harris, pastor of True Holiness Church of God in Christ and Father Joseph Altman, pastor of Ascension/St. Susanna’s Catholic Church, to bring their congregations together for this event. They have asked all of the churches in their Harvey neighborhood along 153rd Street to walk and pray for the city and for the nation.
    The Mayor of Harvey, the City Council, the police and many community groups have enthusiastically signed on in support of this walk for the safety and growth of our city.

With prayers and blessings from the clergy, songs from the choirs, and words of support and admonition from ministers and civic leaders, This September 13th Sweet Hour Walk of Prayer should be just the beginning of a movement that will touch the heart of the nation.
    We invite religious leaders from across Chicago to come and pray with us on Sunday September 13.
    We also invite churches across the nation to pray for our president… pray for the children… and pray for all of the cities of this nation and the world.
    Contact Father Rod Reinhart at [email protected] for a copy of the service of prayer we will use on Sept. 13. It is a good model for local churches in their own days of prayer for their city and for the nation.

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