CNN Heroes Speak Out: Zaman founder Najah Bazzy’s prayer for George Floyd and justice

EDITOR’S NOTE—Two-thirds of Americans now support the Black Lives Matter protests (and 38 percent “strongly support” this movement) according to a June 12 Pew Research report. Millions are producing their own messages of hope and encouragement. Now, Zaman International founder (and CNN and People magazine hero) Najah Bazzy is broadcasting a prayer for George Floyd, his family—and all the men and women spreading the call for justice. She used the power of her own smartphone, coupled with the broad audience of #CNNHeroesSpeakOut. Here is her video, which you can share with others.

Najah Bazzy’s Prayer for George Floyd

Transcript of Her Message

George, you belong to God, as do we all, and to God you have returned.
To your Mama: She came to get you when you needed her the most.
To your family: May God give them the patience, the wisdom to navigate this tremendous tragedy and loss.
To our nation: What can we learn? What must we learn?
May we come out of the arrogance that has plagued us, and may we move into the humility of true leadership.
May we move from this darkness of oppression and the shackles of racism—the bitterness of racism—into the light of liberty and into coexistence, as God has intended his human family to be.
And may each of us reach our human capacity to understand the higher consciousness of love.
And to establish justice and peace and equity and inclusion.
And to rid our nation of all evil.
And to be the hope for humanity that we were meant to be.

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