Enjoy this video: Rusty Rosman lights up ‘Writers on Writers over a Triple Espresso’ with her ‘Two Envelopes’

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Please enjoy the video below!

All of us at ReadTheSpirit are sending “Special thanks!” to podcaster Patrick Greenwood for hosting author Rusty Rosman on his popular series, Writers on Writers over a Triple Espresso! If you’re not already a fan of Peter’s podcasts, he stands out for several reasons:

First, he has an enthusiastic style of welcoming his guests that sets them—and us as viewers—at ease so we can anticipate a great conversation. For example, in introducing Rusty Rosman, author of Two Envelopes, Patrick says with a big smile: “We are joined this morning by a very unique writer—an incredible woman who has written something really amazing!”

How can you turn off the podcast at that point? You’ve got to keep listening.

Second, Patrick does his homework! For this podcast, he had already gone out on social media asking his audience: “What would you want to be buried in?” That’s one of Rusty’s most popular questions when she speaks with groups nationwide. Based on his own experience with that question, Patrick tells us: Wow, do people want to talk about it! “I got back answers—golf shirts, hula shirts and cycling shirts!” Patrick was chuckling happily as the conversation started.

Gotta keep listing, right? Sure.

Third, Patrick gets to his guest right away. Some podcasts make us run through looong introductions, but Patrick has Rusty talking with us almost immediately.

Well, see for yourself right here—

Care to learn more—or invite Rusty to talk with your group?

Visit Rusty’s online hub, featuring a wide array of resources related to her book, including contact information.


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