Holiday Movies: Mrs. Miracle returns this weekend

Doris Roberts (center) stars in “Call Me Mrs. Miracle,” the second made-for-TV movie based on Debbie Macomber’s novels. Photo copyright Crown Media Holdings. Photographer Eike Schroter.Our mailbox at ReadTheSpirit is stuffed with preview copies of made-for-TV and direct-to-DVD holiday specials aimed at millions of families in the final weeks of 2010. SATURDAY evening, November 27, one of this season’s gems is unveiled as veteran character actor Doris Roberts returns in the Hallmark Channel’s “Call Me Mrs. Miracle.” That’s a brand new offering from Debbie Macomber’s novels about a Mary Poppins-like helper who miraculously sorts out dysfunctional families—with surprising twists and comic turns along the way.

Hallmark reports that last year’s debut “Mrs. Miracle” movie with Doris Roberts was the “highest-rated original movie” on the channel in 2009. Clearly, Hallmark is hoping that one more dose of the Debbie Macomber magic, brought to life by the beloved Doris Roberts, will do the same thing in 2010.

NOTE: Make sure to check local TV listings. Showtimes vary by time zone. The new film will air more than once during the holidays. And, you also can catch the original “Mrs. Miracle” in rerun!


“Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.” Mrs. Miracle

If you love lines like that one, the first thing you need to know about Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle series is this: The books are different than the movies. In fact, if you’re a Macomber fan, I can tell you that you’ll also enjoy reading the new novel, “Call Me Mrs. Miracle,” which is on sale at Amazon right now.

There is less of Macomber’s religious faith in the pages of the second Mrs. Miracle novel—but there are no references to religion at all (other than Christmas as a gift-giving occasion) in the Hallmark movie version. In the made-for-TV movie, Mrs. Miracle once again is portrayed as a magical cousin to Mary Poppins, carrying out her good deeds with a sprinkle of pixie dust rather than from any religious inspiration. Also, you’ll find that the novel’s plot is strikingly different than the movie script. I won’t spoil the experience of either, but Macomber fans will catch big differences between this new book and the debut movie. Finally, if you order a copy of the book from Amazon, above, you’ll also get Macomber’s Christmas cookie recipe, which she includes in the middle of the novel! The cookies also show up in the movie, but only for a fleeting taste.

Don’t misunderstand! This does not mean Hallmark’s Miracle-2 is a poor movie. On the contrary, Miracle-2 is even better than the first Hallmark Miracle film. Moving this second adventure to a family-owned department store in downtown New York City adds fresh fuel to the adventure. Sure, these characters all are “types” you’ve enjoyed before—including Doris Roberts returning as Mrs. Miracle herself. But the adventure is so good hearted—and the new plot twists are clever enough—that you’ll enjoy every minute.

Plus, in this case, you can experience the adventure twice—once in the Hallmark movie; once in Macomber’s novel. They’re really two different stories. Given the ratings of the Hallmark movie last year, Miracle-2 is sure to be a hit. Enjoy!


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