Humane Society of the U.S. offers a bounty of resources

Click this screenshot to visit the Humane Society website. Or, click the internal links listed in this article for specific faith-related resources.Animal protection movements date back centuries and so does their connection with religious leaders. In the 18th Century, Methodism’s founder John Wesley worked with the leading British anti-cruelty activists of his day. Over the past half century, the Humane Society of the United States has taken up the cause and now is backed by 11 million American supporters.

Among the HSUS
faith-related resources

The HSUS Food & Faith Recommended Reading page suggests books that “examine factory farming and other food and animal issues from the standpoint of human ethics. Even where they are not specifically Christian, they provide a good starting point for considering these topics in light of a Christian faith perspective.” That HSUS list includes Year of Plenty, the memoir written by ReadTheSpirit friends, the Goodwin family.

An April 2012 story on Compassionate Campers reports news about a faith-based camp that was facing serious flooding from dam-building beavers. Instead of harming the beavers, camp officials worked with HSUS to deter the beavers’ relentless building in an animal-friendly way.

On Facebook, visit the Faith Outreach page to keep up with regular updates and links. That Facebook page is the social-networking arm of the main Faith Outreach portal within the HSUS website.

Also, check out the HSUS collection of interfaith statements about treatment of animals. The Christian portion of the list ranges from Catholic, Southern Baptist and United Methodist to Seventh-day Adventist and Assemblies of God. The Judaism area contains Reform, Conservative and Orthodox sections. Other faiths represented here include Hinduism and Islam.


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