In Your Holiday Shopping, Support Our Authors Trying to Make the World a Little Better


… Hanukkah and New Year’s Giving

READ ALONG WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE—For more than a decade, our motto has been, “Good media builds healthy communities.” We have welcomed dozens of authors who feel the same way. As November begins this week, please consider placing an order for books that, first, we know will make perfect gifts and, second, will spread the values of healthy communities a bit further.

Order our books wherever you care to shop: Our books are available around the world via retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and Apple bookstores. Want to browse all of our books in one display? Check out our Front Edge Publishing Bookstore, which also includes links to order books directly. Have you ever checked Amazon and found a book that seems to be out of stock? Our Front Edge bookstore comes directly from the industry’s largest wholesaler of books, Ingram, and is never out of stock.

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This unique children’s book is far more than a one-time reading experience. Two veteran educators wrote and illustrated this children’s book in an innovative way. The story is about Penny, a little girl who begins to ignore her beloved dog Sadie, when Penny becomes obsessed with electronic devices. We bet you know some children who have a similar fascination with digital screens! The feel-good story is all about Sadie winning back the attention of young Penny.

But, wait! There’s much more! The book is colored with substances you can find in your home, including fresh berries, drips of coffee, a bit of mustard and even grass from your lawn. Plus, you can download free coloring pages from our special Sadie Sees Trouble resource page.

This is a terrific holiday gift! You can read the story, then you can begin to explore the colors in the book—and around your home. Print out the free coloring pages and you’ve got an entire afternoon of activities with children you love—all in one book. Want to see kids enjoying this book? This story and photos show how students at one school had fun creating their own picture pages.

Sadie books are available both in hardback and in paperback, as well. Prefer another bookseller? Here’s a link to Amazon. And, here’s the Barnes & Noble book page.

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Jewish Stories for Everyone

At the Jewish High Holidays this year, we published this special overview of books by our Jewish authors. Each year, lots of gifts exchange hands at Hanukkah, as well.

If you check out that overview, you will discover books for nearly every stage in life from a wide range of authors. There’s humor, inspiration, timeless wisdom and terrific storytelling as well.

Tree of World Religions

Got someone on your list who is fascinated by the whole array of world religions? They’re not alone. Millions of Americans are fascinated by global spirituality. The perfect gift is Tree of World Religions, a colorful introduction to the world’s great spiritual traditions by educator John Bellaimey. It’s available from Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.

Readers will meet great sages from Jesus and Socrates to the Hebrew prophets and Asian masters. All the well-known traditions are covered, plus you’ll learn about lesser-known groups including the Mayan, Sikh and Rastafarian traditions. This is the kind of book people enjoy keeping handy, perhaps on a coffee table, and reading sections over time.

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Friendship & Faith

A guaranteed smile is the response from readers of this delightful series of true stories by more than 50 women from eight different religious traditions. Each real-life story involves summoning the courage to cross a barrier—religion, culture or race—and discovering friendship on the other side.

This is a book about making friends, which may be the most important thing you can do to make the world a better place, and transform your own life in the process. Making a new friend often is tricky, as you’ll discover in these dozens of real-life stories by women from many religious and ethnic backgrounds. But, crossing lines of religion, race and culture is worth the effort, often forming some of life’s deepest friendships, these women have found. In Friendship and Faith, you’ll discover how we really can change the world one friend at a time.

Available from Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.

Take a Moment and Lend a Hand

By ordering these books, you’re not only purchasing gifts we know your loved ones will enjoy. Speaking for our entire family of authors: We all hope you’ll join us in encouraging Peace on Earth!

Take a moment to explore our Front Edge Publishing bookstore. Remember: All of these books are available via our bookstore—but they also can be ordered from Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble and other online retailers, as well.

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