Join with the Resiliency Project

Want to do something tangible to express your ongoing faith in our culturally diverse American community?

The Interfaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit has launched a prayerful effort to do just that.

The pledge—which takes the form of a prayerful affirmation—was drafted by leaders from many faith groups in southeast Michigan. You can read and sign the form online by visiting the IFLC webpage. There’s also a printable version of the statement.

In explaining the effort to a group of media professionals on Friday, IFLC leader Bob Bruttell said,

“Most Americans do not want to be intolerant, but right now we are hearing a lot of intolerant voices unleashed across the country. We need to figure out what it means to ‘stand with others’—and that starts with getting to know each other in a real way. Sometimes we think we know what another community is thinking or needing—and usually we don’t. We need to talk with each other and really get to know each other so that we can stand together in resiliency.”


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