Kind Words about ReadTheSpirit from our Friends Around the World

We’re unfolding something so new at ReadTheSpirit that we deeply appreciate kind words from friends around the world — especially when our friends are sending news about us to a larger audience. So, in this space, we want to thank you all! And we’re going to share some of this news.
    PLEASE NOTE: Beyond “crowing” a bit here — we’re choosing items that contain information of interest you, our readers.

FEB 2008: NPR Listeners & Harvard Guys — Welcome Aboard!
    From: Suggested-Product Posting of “Our Lent” on

 We were surprised to find our new “Our Lent” book as a featured seasonal suggestion for shoppers on — an Italian-language online bookstore. We didn’t know this retailer existed! So, we checked with the Web-analytical site, Quantcast, which reports that “is popular among a heavily male, primarily older, more
educated following.The typical visitor shops at, attends
Harvard, and listens to National Public Radio.”
    Hey, if thinks we’ll appeal to smart guys like you, then: Welcome aboard!

FEB 2008: We’re a “Proto-Mogul”?
    From: Journalism Fellows at the University of Michigan

    In the currently published issue of “KWF: Journal of the Knight-Wallace Fellows at the University of Michigan” (print edition), Dr. Charles Eisendrath, the head of the internationally known program (of which ReadTheSpirit Editor David Crumm is a 2001-2002 alum), wrote about several UM Fellows who are moving into new media.
    “A sea of change is flooding the spirits of Fellows passing through Wallace House with a new taste for risk, adventure, entrepreneurship,” wrote Eisendrath (photo at right).
   Then, he added: “Far as I know, is the latest KWF launch. It’s creator/director is David Crumm ’02, another unexpected proto-mogul who before last summer covered religion for the Detroit Free Press. It is a new kind of Web hub that connects readers with religious/spirituality media.”
    The item closed by telling folks to watch for our books like “Interfaith Heroes” and “Our Lent.”
    Thank you, Dr. Eisendrath!

    AND of INTEREST TO READERS: Any journalists reading this item (and we know that a good number of journalists are following ReadTheSpirit) –  please, check out the UofM Fellows web site and consider applying for this terrific year of full-time graduate-level research at UofM. It’s a catalytic year of study second to none!

    GOT QUESTIONS about anything you see here — or anywhere else at ReadTheSpirit? You can always email me, David Crumm.

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