Krakoffs singing prayers MiSheberach and Oseh Shalom for hope, healing and peace.

This simple video already has been widely shared across social media, since Rabbi Joseph Krakoff posted it recently on the YouTube channel for the Jewish Hospice & Chaplaincy Network. Rabbi Krakoff is always thinking of innovative ways to extend helpful resources to families—as he did when he collaborated with artist Michelle Sider on the book Never Long Enough.

Like clergy nationwide, Rabbi Krakoff has been jumping on the Internet from his home in simple video setups that are touching hearts and lifting spirits everywhere it is played.

MiSheberach and Oseh Shalom

Rabbi Krakoff explains: “The first prayer is the ‘MiSheberach,’ which asks God to watch over us, protect us and to please bring us healing. The second prayer is ‘Oseh Shalom,’ which essentially translates to: ‘May the One who brings peace to the universe bring peace to us and all humanity.’ ”

Click the cover to visit the book’s Amazon page.

‘Never Long Enough’

Now is a perfect time to order a paperback or hardback copy of Never Long Enough and go through it with your older loved ones. You can do that via a phone call, FaceTime, video chat—in other words, from a distance to protect the health of those loved ones. The book provides dozens of illustrations and prompts to shape your calls and chats into conversations that will enrich your relationships—and extend the message of hope.


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