Play ball! … with ‘Hope’s Diamond’


Play Ball! 

Laugh Out Loud!

Who would put these two together in a colorful, fanciful, uplifting novel? No one better that Rodney Curtis whose own journey with cancer he recorded in A “Cute” Leukemia.

Rodney’s latest is a LOL, magically provocative, imaginative novel that begins mid-winter in the suburban wasteland of “snot freezing,” ice-laden Detroit, a city existing on a diet of decline and devastation. Willie Palmer, former great shortstop of the Detroit Bengals, is now the beleaguered, most-losing manager of the most-losing team in baseball. Palmer’s greatest asset is his dog Sparky whose humane wisdom and divining-rod nose sniffs out a pitcher whose fastballs exceed the speed of Fister and Scherzer combined.

So what do you pay a pitching giant like this in our day when greed is valued more than grass? You will only learn as you laugh your way through this fanciful tale.

So, go grab your favorite beverage, find a soft spring-time patch of grass where you can wiggle your toes and dream your dreams by reading Hope’s Diamond.



Believe in a HOFD!

Live with HOPE!



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