Praying for Our World: Elders Eying a Better Future

HOPEFUL CHILDREN from around the world. Top: NASA image of the planet. Then: School children in Vietnam, then Brazil, Tanzania and Sri Lanka. Images in public domain, couresy of Wikimedia Commons. We invited men, women and children to contribute to a prayer that starts with these simple words:
“I hope for a world where …”

Today, we are sharing examples of what people have done with this idea. You are free to share these prayers. (Just inlcude a link to the version as you share a copy.)

Read the Original Invitation: This story explains the project, which you’re still welcome to try.
Turning 9/11 into a Day of Hope:
Learn how young and old voiced their hopes at AOK Detroit.
A Retirement Community Prays
: This prayer came from the Chelsea Retirement Community.
Women of WISDOM:
The creators of the Friendship and Faith project gathered their prayers, too.

Pray: ‘I Hope
for a World Where …’

WHAT IS THE CHELSEA RETIREMENT COMMUNITY? For more than 100 years, the Chelsea Retirement Community has been one of the major retirement communities related to the United Methodist Church.

Cathy L. Rafferty, chaplain at the Chelsea community, invited men and women to add lines to this prayer as part of a worship service. What is fascinating about the Chelsea prayer is that it shows how congregations can adapt this idea to pray for universal concerns in their own specific religious context. The Chelsea group is comprised of Christian elders and, while their lines set this prayer in their own faith tradition—they touched on the two universal themes people raise in this prayer: the need to overcome poverty and lift up children. Whatever our age or location or specific religious tradition—we share a great deal in our hopeful visions.


I pray for a world where …
There is peace
There is no hunger or homelessness
Jesus’ teachings rule
Children grow in safety
Love conquers hate
There is peace in the whole world
All nations are neighbors
People love and show respect for each other
“Things” are not so important
God reigns
Everyone knows Jesus
All the world can rise and sing “Praise the Lord!”

You can find two other examples via links above.
You can share these prayers with others.
And there’s still time for you to try this project.

Originally published at, an online journal covering religion and cultural diversity.

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