Review: Hallmark’s Notes from the Heart Healer

Genie Francis (left) as the famous columnist encountering a young mother at a book signing.Want to warm your heart? Want a vivid snapshot of the challenges facing millions of young parents these days? You get all of that wrapped in the warm embrace of the made-for-TV movie return of Genie Francis as Hallmark’s “Heart Healer.”

HOW TO SEE IT: The movie debuts May 12 and 13 for Mother’s Day—but then is repeated by Hallmark. If you can’t watch this weekend, look for the 4 p.m. Sunday May 19 repeat. Check local listings for further showings on the Hallmark Channel.

This is the third movie appearance by Francis as the famous columnist, “the Heart Healer.” These films rank as the highest-rated film series ever on the Hallmark Channel. But, in this third offering, writer-director Douglas Barr takes us into territory as serious as today’s headlines. An April series of reports in the OurValues website looked at the tough situation young adults are finding, even after getting a good college education today.

The movie’s story is simple: Two young adults think that military enlistment is the solution to starting their family, after an unexpectedly early pregnancy. Without spoiling the plot, things go tragically awry. The Mom, in despair, abandons their baby to the famous columnist who seems to have all the answers. The drama unfolds as columnist and homeless Mom attempt to put this complex puzzle back together.

Hallmark is not a religiously themed network, but there are plenty of spiritual themes here—and even pointed references to biblical stories, such as baby Moses sent down the river by his desperate mother. Moreover, the story brings to life all-too-common dilemmas for millions of young families in 2012.

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