Saaved info on Shocking Aliens and Basterds,

We’re likely to talk about this with readers Friday in our Weekend page — and I’ll include these thoughts from Rabbi Kula.

We’ll link to Clal and to Rabbi Kula’s latest book.


— David Crumm

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 11:50 AM, Judy Epstein <[email protected]> wrote:

Irwin Kula, an eighth generation rabbi, says that the movie is
either “kosher porn” or a potential first stage in healing from the
burden of the trauma of remembering the Holocaust.  “It is time,”
he says, “for us to remember the trauma in order to forget, or it will
distort the future of the Jewish people.”

Kula was listed 3 years in a row in Newsweek as one
of the top ten “most influential rabbis in America.”  Author
of the award-winning book, Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life,
he is a recipient of the 2008 Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award, was a
regular on the Today Show, and is a blogger for The Huffington Post.

If you would like to speak with  him, please contact


Judy Epstein

212-779-3300, ext. 108

Per Irwin Kula–

–The movie is a fantasy. When fantasy works, it gets us in
touch with those feelings we didn’t know we had.  One can’t
let go until one owns the full range of anger, vengeance and hate one feels.
The fact that so many experience the desire for revenge with so much gusto
indicates there is a lot of rage underneath the surface.

–Once we recognize the primal feelings of rage and desire
for vengeance, we can look at them and realize an important
truth—nothing, no museum, memorial, prayer or theology will ever make
things 100% right. Working through the rage allows it not to control you.

–The movie has the potential of looking at issues seriously. 
It is not just “kosher porn.” It can help us to heal.



NEW ORLEANS: Greg Mann Gregory made a comment about your link:

“Our church, the church you came to David, sent a group down there last summer.  So it’s not quite all college students.”

Our church, the one you
were at, Pastor Jerry ([email protected])
and a group that went to New
Orleans last summer.  So it is not ALL college

Peggy sent you a message.


Subject: are your website readers rich?

I don’t know what your family financial situation is, but I find you
often tend to assume that your readers are all wealthy or financially

For example, your call to action for New Orleans today. Many adults and
youth are aware that people in New Orleans are suffering.

But awareness doesn’t mean that these knowledgeable people have either
the vacation time or the money to go to New Orleans and help rebuild it
or the capacity to donate for rebuilding. They may also have serious
and valid doubts and questions about where the city should be rebuilt.

And New Orleans isn’t the only city in the U.S. or state in the U.S. with people who are needy.

So can you figure out a way to give a call to action to New Orleans and
other deserving places and/or people in a more thoughtful way?

ie the reason many people have not gone to New Orleans is much more complex than:

1. they don’t know

2. they don’t care

3. they have forgotten


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