See the new Ed Dobson ‘It Ain’t Over’ videos that have everyone buzzing from the Today Show to RTSpirit

Dr. Ed Dobson, one of America’s most beloved pastors and a best-selling author, is dying.
(Don’t confuse Ed with the politically controversial Dr. James Dobson. Ed is the bearded, bespectacled pastor who once mentored Rob Bell and recently wrote a best-seller about devoting a year to living like Jesus.)

Ed Dobson already has defied the odds in his battle with ALS, the disorder that eventually will end his life (but seems to be moving slowly in Ed’s case).
Ed was diagnosed with ALS more than 10 years ago. Now, the ALS has progressed so far that he needs help with tasks like buttoning his shirt each day. However, he’s still able to walk and talk and spends a significant amount of each week counseling with men and women facing similarly dire life crises.

Now, Ed is giving to the world a series of short videos about lessons he is learning in the midst of crisis. On Oct. 17, 2011, Kathie Lee Gifford interviewed Ed on the NBC Today Show. He first sparked the attention of national news media with his 2009 book, The Year of Living like Jesus: My Journey of Discovering What Jesus Would Really Do. However, the Today Show only was able to show a brief clip.

Here is the entire first film:



VISIT ED DOBSON ONLINE: The films will be going live, one by one, via Ed’s Story.

READ OUR INTERVIEW WITH ED DOBSON: Later this week, Ed visits for our weekly interview.

BUY THE DVD: While the movies all will be streaming free online, eventually, a complete version of the first three films is available on DVD, via Amazon, under the title Ed’s Story: It Ain’t Over, Consider the Birds, & Be There

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