Songwriter Fran McKendree’s song of hope

Fran McKendree talks with ReadTheSpirit Editor David Crumm on his porch.Singer-songwriter Fran McKendree responded to our request for hopeful songs by sending along a video of his stirring song Times Like These.

We introduced Fran McKendree to readers in 2010 during our American Journey series. Since then, Fran has returned several times with news, fresh music and creative ideas for small groups.

This song is terrific if you’re burned out, or as Fran puts it: If you’re “choking on the front-page news” and mourning in our angry political climate “the grave of our civility.” Despite all of that, Fran is convinced that “hope is breaking through somehow” and “it brings me to my knees—in times like these.” Most importantly, no matter how bad things may seem, the One still “stirs the wind that shakes the trees and shouts the truth—in times like these.”

CLICK ON THE FRAN McKENDREE VIDEO BELOW to hear his song Times Like These. If a video screen does not appear, try clicking on the headline of this story to reload it with the video. Or, Click Here to jump directly to YouTube and view the song there.


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