Thanksgiving for Diversity: Why & How to join with others

“More and more religious congregations … are finding common ground by participating in interfaith observations of the Thanksgiving holiday.” That’s news reported by a major interfaith network based in the Midwest—and it’s good news, isn’t it? You don’t need to be part of a local congregation to enjoy the experience this week. Make “Thanksgiving for Diversity” a theme with family and friends.

Today, we’re going to help!


The WISDOM interfaith network of women has been collecting and publishing inspiring, personal notes of “thanks” throughout November. Their series started with a look back to 1621, the year of the “first” Thanksgiving. Next, here’s Part 2 in the series. Then, the WISDOM network pioneered the idea of an interfaith shopping event. THEN, here’s their final group of thanksgiving notes. You’ll find inspiring ideas reading through the WISDOM site.


Whether you’re planning a community-wide event—or just a thoughtful time with friends and family around the dinner table—here are free resources, courtesy of the Interfaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit (one of the most active regional networks of diverse religious programming in the nation).

Within the IFLC website, this special Thanksgiving page includes a sample poster, a copy of Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Day proclamation and a sample interfaith service. Plus, the IFLC calendar lists various services across southeast Michigan.

Do you know of other diverse Thanksgiving resources popping up across the nation?
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We’ve paid a lot of attention to Harry Potter and Narnia in recent weeks—and we know those films are not every reader’s cup of tea. Earlier this month, we also recommended a new Hallmark Channel holiday movie about Thanksgiving—and we invited readers to tell us about your favorite holiday movies. Thanks for the responses you’ve sent to us in various forms. We plan to report more in December about holiday films. Now’s the time to tell us about your favorite holiday film by emailing [email protected]

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