The Judd Apatow American Jewish World Service video


Anti-Semitism continues to rear its ugly head in global media. The most recent example was the release of previously sealed Nixon recordings from the early 1970s. Nearly 40 years have passed, but Nixon’s remarks still are offensive, especially because they came from “our” White House, and these tanscripts suggest a deep anti-Semitic influence in that president’s thinking.

In mid-December 2010, these Nixon transcripts have circled the world in news stories and may suggest that the world is stuck in an early-1970s mindset.

How Far Have We Come in Welcoming Jewish Neighbors?

Celebrated filmmaker Judd Apatow also is making global headlines in December for his creative fund-raising film for American Jewish World Service. Reporting on this video, the New York Times’ declared: “In these darkening days between Hanukkah and Christmas, here is a story to keep your spirits high—a story of cooperation between Jews and Christians, between people named Seinfeld and Samberg and people named Morgan and Lohan. A story of celebrities putting ethnic differences aside to raise money for charity.”

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The Judd Apatow American Jewish World Service Video …

The Israeli Angry Birds Peace Talks with Pigs Video …

In mid-December, Angry Birds are front-page news as the hottest hand-held game in the U.S. The game was produced in Scandinavia and has nothing to do with any specific culture. But, the game’s sheer popularity made Angry Birds—and the Pigs they confront—fair game for Israeli satire. The Israeli TV show Eretz Nehederet (“It’s a Wonderful Country”) used Angry Birds in a Saturday Night Live-style sketch about the frustrations of the endless “peace process.” Now, the Israeli comedy video also is zipping around the world via Web links. As in the case with the Judd Apatow video, above, the ability to poke fun at one’s own culture is a hallmark of security—and the hope of reaching out to help others around the world.

(Note: There is one R-rated word in the subtitles during this video.)

WE HOPE YOU’VE ENJOYED THESE VIDEOS! Many people are looking for these videos across the Web in mid-December. For example, both videos been recommended in prominent New York Times news stories.

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