‘Unconventional Pastor Paul’ Swearengin talks with Dr. David Gushee about the dangers of Christian extremism

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The self-proclaimed “Unconventional Pastor Paul” Swearengin is a former broadcaster who became a Vineyard pastor in California, until he could no longer live within Vineyard’s many constraints on diversity. (That’s the same journey taken by the Rev. Ken Wilson and his co-author and co-pastor the Rev. Emily Swan. You can read more about their journey out of Vineyard in Solus Jesus.)

Who is Paul Swearengin?

The “bio” on Pastor Paul’s website begins:

Paul Swearengin is known for asking questions of the Church and of culture that others may not feel free to express. He has a passion for truth and a heart for people to be freed from shame and condemnation in order to know their true value and purpose.

In 2021, Religion News Service (RNS) published a brief profile, headlined: ‘They’re Looking for a Pastor on This Journey’ One of Pastor Paul’s best lines in that profile is: “God is not a Republican and God is not mad at you.”

This month, December 2022, Pastor Paul interviewed Dr. David Gushee, widely regarded as America’s leading Christian ethicist and author of both Changing Our Mind and Introducing Christian Ethics.

Here’s the conversation between Pastor Paul and Dr. Gushee

Paul begins with—

So why do people twist themselves to make their Christian ethics fit their political ideas and political desires? Our guest today is a professor and Christian ethicist who has literally written the book on the subject: David P. Gushee. He’s talking about how this lack of Christian ethics is actually putting our democracy in danger. And he says that this authoritarian pull of Christianity is putting us all at risk in our culture.

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