Warm your heart with this ‘Winter’ collection from Iona’s Wild Goose


Click the cover to visit the book’s page at Wild Goose Publications.

Our friends at Wild Goose Publications in Scotland—part of the Iona Community—have published a richly diverse collection of readings to warm our hearts this winter. The subtitle mentions November, December and January specifically—but this is a book you can enjoy right through until spring. And, then, you’ll put it on your shelf to pull down again, year after year.

We’re pleased to tell our readers that one of our most popular columnists—Benjamin Pratt—is included in this volume with one of his all-time favorite stories: Angel in the Dump.

NOTE: Wild Goose Publications sells this book through its website in the UK. As a community of conscience, the publishing team asks that you support Iona by purchasing this book through the Wild Goose website. If you do, you’ll wind up with a holiday gift that’s unique and full of wonders—and you’ll be doing good in the world by supporting Iona.

Ruth Burgess, the overall editor of the volume, sent this personal note to our readers:

I am privileged to be the person who put ‘Winter’ together. Contributors range from teenagers to 99-year-olds, from people who have never seen their name in a book to those who are regularly published authors, from a variety of Christian perspectives and none, and they come from Europe, North America and Australia.

Different people have different gifts and different styles of writing. There are stories and poems in the book, and prayers and songs. There are ideas and experiences that will make you laugh and question and cry. A number of the contributions are written with all-age worship in mind.

Winter is a gift from its authors to worship leaders and to individuals. Enjoy unwrapping it.

And from all of us at ReadTheSpirit:

Thanks Ruth! Thanks Ben! Thanks Wild Goose!

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