Why are these college kids laughing? A rabbi???

CAUGHT ON VIDEO! College kids laughing at Rabbi Bob Alper. (Photo courtesy of Bob Alper.)ReadTheSpirit is nationally known as an advocate of peace and Peacemakers.
So, we had to respond when we heard the news: “Bob’s on college campuses—and he’s killing!”
Translation: This is comedian-speak for “He’s going over big! They’re laughing like crazy!”
This bizarre chemistry is true: White-haired, bespectacled rabbi—plus—college kids—equals laughs.
There’s nothing more helpful in peacemaking than laughter.

As Editor of ReadTheSpirit, I spoke at various 9/11-related events in recent weeks. During one Question-and-Answer session with a college audience, a man asked, “I’m concerned about all the jokes I’m hearing about religion. I think some of the Christian-targeted humor is offensive. And there really aren’t any Muslim comedians are there? What do you think about the state of humor when it comes to religion?”

My answer: Book Bob Alper and his friends in the Laugh in Peace comedy tour!
Bob Alper, whose appeal among the young is obvious in this video (which you can watch below), works with comedian (and New York City Baptist pastor) Susan Sparks and Muslim comedians as well.
Want more? Here’s Bob Alper’s Schedule page, where you track his tours nationwide.
Here’s Susan Sparks’ Laugh in Peace page, where you can learn more about her part in these joint shows.

CLICK on the video screen below to watch Alper in action with college kids.
No video screen in your version of this story? Click the headline to reload the story and the video should appear. Or, visit Bob Alper’s website where you can watch this video and others.

Originally published at readthespirit.com, an online journal covering religion and cultural diversity.

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