Cover Stories: Of launches … and losses …

Launching ‘Recess’ and Remembering Marcus Borg



Interfaith Peacemakers David Rosen Bruce Feiler Adel Imam and Omar SharifINSPIRE YOURSELF—The front page of Daniel Buttry’s Interfaith Peacemakers hosts more than 150 inspiring profiles of men, women and some children who risked making peace in our troubled world. This week’s new stories …



th President Obama greets congressional pages at State of the UnionIF POLLS RULED—We all know that American political parties are deeply divided. But are we, as Americans, so polarized? This week, OurValues creator Dr. Wayne Baker looks at national polling on 10 pressing issues.



th We Are Caregivers logoWE’RE BACK!—Our popular series of columns to help America’s 65 million caregivers took a break, and now returns this week with a guest column by Wayne Baker about some very practical ideas—not to mention fun ideas—to help brighten the day of the caregiver in your Mourners Kadish

  • GOD-SIGNS—Suzy Farbman, author of GodSigns, also dedicates her column this week to acts of kindness—and the remarkable story of caregiver Debbie Barton who … Well, just read this story and you’ll smile.
  • DEBRA DARVICK—If you are a caregiver in a deeply troubling situation, we urge you to read Debra Darvick’s heart-felt column “A Year of Kaddish Draws to a Close.” So many family caregivers are likely to see themselves in Debra’s journey.


th Yad-Vashem-Hall-of-Names-Victims-RemembranceALL THE HOLIDAYS—Remember our master calendar,, as you’re exploring events and milestones in coming months. This week, you’ll enjoy ..


Faith, Film, Food
and Popular Culture

th Paddington movie stillVISUAL PARABLES—Faith and film writer Edward McNulty recommends three movies this week: 2 for the whole family and 1 not for families. McNulty’s reviews are at Visual Parables.

th MissionFAITH GOES POP—This thoughtful column by Ken Chitwood could be listed with the Interfaith Peacemaker stories, above, for its focus on looking beyond the world’s horrors—to the men, women and children touched by global conflict. Please, take time to read Ken’s fresh reflections on the classic film, The Mission.

  • GET INVOLVED—FaithGoesPop echoes across the Internet. You can follow Ken on Twitter @KChitwood and, if you’re discussing these columns, add the hashtag #FaithGoesPop


  • th Edison American ExperienceHOW ‘EDISON’ CHANGED OUR WORLD—In this review, David Crumm explains why you shouldn’t miss PBS’s two-hour film about the many ways Thomas Edison transformed civilization.
  • th David Gushee Changing Our Mind headlinesBULLYING IS NO LAUGHING MATTER—Our anti-bullying comics section features one of America’s most unusual comic heroes: Rabbi Harvey of the Wild West.
  • DOING GOOD IN THE WORLD—That’s a major goal of our ReadTheSpirit publishing house and this week we want to call attention to our author David P. Gushee, will be discussing his new book Changing Our Mind at the annual pastor’s gathering for Evangelical Covenant Church Pastors in Denver, Colorado Thursday, January 29. The event title, Mission Friends 4 Inclusion is for pastors who are interested in a more inclusive future for their Church.

th potato-kugel-rebecca-siegel-e1421363358290FEED THE SPIRIT—Week after week, our food columnist Bobbie Lewis brings readers fascinating stories about the way we eat and, in the process, the ways we connect with family, community and tradition.






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