Cover Story: Best-selling author Rachel Held Evans on ‘Searching for Sunday’


th Rachel Held EvansMEET RACHEL—A new book by best-selling author Rachel Held Evans is a clarion call to Christians to reclaim the great treasures within their tradition. In our new interview with Rachel, she says that too many “Christians” seem to have forgotten about the core of their faith, especially those conservatives pushing for legalized bias against LGBT men and women. The truth is: Christianity is a spiritual treasure trove, if only Christians would remember and reclaim the best of their tradition. Rachel’s interview is both provocative and filled with hope!


th-Changing-Our-Mind-cover-with-author-David-P-GusheeFRANK BRUNI of the New York Times made a similar point in his Sunday column in the Times, urging Christians to wake up and realize that the future of their faith doesn’t depend on trying to bash LGBT men and women. He writes, “Homosexuality and Christianity don’t have to be in conflict in any church anywhere.” In the column, Bruni quotes evangelical Bible scholar Dr. David Gushee, author of Changing Our Mind.

th First US edition 1928 of Bambi a Life in the Woods by Felix SaltenBENJAMIN PRATT, the popular author and columnist, writes about the powerful ways sharing stories can build healthier communities. This week, Benjamin writes about the enduring influence of Bambi, a Life in the Forest, published nearly a century ago by the Jewish author Felix Staten, who was forced to flee the Nazis and died in 1945. There’s more to this “children’s story” than you may have guessed. Benjamin also announces the winner of his Bambi challenges. And, he poses a fresh challenge to readers—so, please, check out his invitation.


th Sunday headlinesSOCIOLOGIST Dr. Wayne Baker, a leading scholar at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, writes that the trends described by Rachel Held Evans, Frank Bruni and David Gushee have been obvious for quite a while. What’s more, they relate to the 10 core values that define a United America. His series explores the American meaning of “Religious Freedom.”


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th Passover-seder-plate-Sarah-Biggart-e1426519503157PASSOVER—Until sunset on Saturday, millions of Jewish families around the world celebrate their core belief that God liberated the people of Israel through the Exodus from Egypt.

th Lincoln on his death bed in Peterson House from Harpers weekly May 6 1865LINCOLN SCHOLAR DUNCAN NEWCOMER published a nationwide call to organize discussions for the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death (that milestone is “next week” on April 15, 1865). This week marks the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War.

EASTER (PASCHA) CONTINUES—from Easter Monday (or Dyngus Day) festivities in the Western Christian tradition—to the Eastern Orthodox realm of Christianity where, this year, Pascha is celebrated on April 12. Meanwhile, some American churches like to celebrate April 12 as Holy Humor Sunday.


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th Phyllis Keyser holding quarter she foundGODSIGNS—Columnist Suzy Farbman uncovers another amazing story, this one about a beloved Presbyterian minister who set out for Brazil on the eve of Pearl Harbor with his new wife. It’s his legacy, today, that will surprise you—and the story involves the tiny object this woman is holding in her hand.



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th Daredevil_Part_One_by_Charles_Biro___Anti-Bullying_ComicBULLYING IS NO LAUGHING MATTER—A great resource for classes and small groups is where we display an ever-changing array of comics (with activity guides) that adults can use with kids to talk about the tough challenge of putting a stop to bullying. This week, we reach waaay back into comic history for Part 1 of a tale known as Daredevil. (And, no, it’s not the “Daredevil” you know from Marvel comics.)


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