Cover Story: From all of us as 5779 begins, Shanah Tovah! Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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DISCOVER TIMELESS WISDOM—Since ReadTheSpirit online magazine was founded in 2007, along with our publishing house, we have welcomed a diverse family of authors—including Christians, Jews, Muslims and Native Americans. That is a shining example of hope in these turbulent times, when minorities often are pitted against each other.

As this year’s Jewish High Holidays begin, we want to shine a spotlight on our Jewish authors. Check out these links, below, and you will find books that will make you laugh as well as cry—that will delight and inspire—and that are likely to make you want to roll up your sleeves and work on peacemaking, yourself. The world certainly could use your help. Please, start by meeting one of these authors via the convenient links that take you to their Amazon pages.

RABBI JACK RIEMER—The late Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel described the rabbi’s storytelling this way: “Jack Riemer’s words are songs of hope and faith. Listen to them as I do.” Finding God in Unexpected Places also is our newest book of Jewish wisdom, drawn from the holiday-themed teachings of this master storyteller.

RABBI ROBERT ALPER—Best known as a full-time standup comic and a star of satellite radio’s “clean comedy” channels, Alper shares some of his favorite stories in two volumes: Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This and Thanks. I Needed That.

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RABBI JOSEPH KRAKOFF—Collaborating with artist Michelle Sider, Krakoff transforms his years of expertise with the Jewish Hospice Network into an illustrated book for families to treasure—either before or after the end of a loved one’s life. Never Long Enough is an invitation for families to gather around a loved one, open this richly illustrated book and share their own stories as these pages turn. This is a unique treasure for families from any spiritual background. If you are in southeast Michigan, Krakoff and Sider are launching a new coloring book / workbook supplement to their popular book on September 16 at the Huntington Woods Library.

BRENDA ROSENBERG—Jewish peace activist and trainer Brenda Rosenberg collaborated with Arab-American pro-Palestinian activist Samia Bahsoun on Harnessing the Power of Tension, A paradoxical approach to building alliances at home, in the board room, on campus and in communitiesThat lengthy title captures the value of their thought-provoking guidebook.

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DEBRA DARVICK—Want to know more about the Jewish holidays? We highly recommend a classic, This Jewish Life, Stories of Discovery, Connection and Joy. Debra takes us through the Jewish year, marking the major observances with inspiring true stories by a wide range of men and women.

LYNNE MEREDITH GOLODNER—Want a taste of the holidays? The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads includes two delicious challah recipes—as well as stories and recipes from other religious and cultural traditions.

WISDOM WOMEN—The new edition of Friendship and Faith has more than 50 true, inspiring stories of women daring to cross religious boundaries to form new friendships. Many of the women who contributed their stories to this book are Jewish.

LINDA JARKEY—Collaborating with her sister, artist Julie Jarkey-Kozlowski, these two veteran educators created a new kind of children’s picture book, Sadie Sees Trouble. The theme is timely: A little girl’s beloved dog Sadie struggles to regain the girl’s attention when she becomes obsessed with a new digital device. Readers also are invited to download free coloring pages to take part in this creative adventure.

ROBERT PASICK—Veteran teacher and psychologist Robert Pasick offers wisdom for successful living in his guidebook, Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Timesand his reflections on Conversations with My Old Dog.

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SUZY FARBMAN—You’re likely to laugh and cry as you journey with journalist Suzy Farbman through her spiritual adventures in survival from a dire diagnosis of cancer. Her book-length memoir is called GodSigns.

In addition, Suzy writes a weekly column called GodSigns, which introduces readers of magazine to remarkable men and women who make our world a better place each day. This week, Suzy shares a warm-hearted dog story—about how the orphaned BeBe found a new home in California.




ROSH HASHANAH 5779—Want to learn more about this holiday? Got friends, family, co-workers, neighbors who observe the Jewish High Holidays? Columnist Stephanie Fenton writes about some of the most popular holiday traditions, including links for apples-and-honey recipes.

PARYUSHAN PARVAForgiveness plays a central role in many world religions, but for Jains, it’s the focus of the most important festival of the year: Paryushan Parva.

GANESH CHATURTHI—Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the grandest and most beloved festivals of India, honoring the Hindu god Ganesha, known also as Vinayaka Chaturthi. Images of Ganesha are temporarily installed in public pandals (shrines) and in homes, and worshipped for several days, until they are taken to a local body of water and immersed. Stephanie Fenton has the story!

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Annoying, isn’t it? In this week’s publishing column, we explain problems and solutions in navigating the massive Amazon.

This week, in our Front Edge Publishing column, Dmitri Barvinok explains the single most frustrating problem that authors face when their books are listed for sale on Amazon. That’s a dreaded “out of stock” message—or some other incorrect message telling customers they can’t buy your book. The good news? Dmitri also explains several of the solutions Front Edge is using to resolve these problems.

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ED McNULTY, for decades, has published reviews, magazine articles and books exploring connections between faith and film. Most of his work is freely published. Ed supports his work by selling the Visual Parables Journal, a monthly magazine packed with discussion guides to films. This resource is used coast-to-coast by individuals who love the movies and by educators, clergy and small-group leaders.

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