Cover Story: Hard to talk with your parents? Here’s help!

Let’s talk across generations

MEET MISSY BUCHANAN—You may remember her from Good Morning America, when Robin Roberts introduced Missy as the woman who helped her mother Lucimarian write a best-selling autobiography. That memoir was created after Lucimarian personally reached out to Missy because of all the work she has done writing inspirational books about the lives of older Americans. This week, we talk with Missy about her newest book—featuring 20 dialogues between aging parents and their adult children on hot-button issues so many of us have faced. If Missy can help guide your family through just 1 of those issues—you’ll be glad you found her book today.


OUR VALUES—The OurValues project is designed to spark healthy conversations nationwide and this certainly is a timely issue: As a nation, we’re getting older and we’re facing some truly “disturbing” problems as we add millions of senior citizens each year. But, this week our message is: Don’t be paralyzed by fear. Here’s a fascinating series that looks at the cold hard facts about aging—but also reports some hopeful findings as well. It’s a perfect week to share OurValues with friends.


Don’t miss a holiday! Tell friends about our master calendar of festivals, observances and milestones.

CELEBRATING WITH BOB MARLEY—This summer, our readers already have been remembering the peacemaking themes in Bob Marley’s music. Had he lived, Marley would have been 70 this year and, this week, Holidays columnist Stephanie Fenton reports on Rastafari remembrances of their great musical leader. Thursday is the birthday of Haile Selassie, who gave the Rastafari movement its name and inspiration.

FASTING AT TISHA B’AV—The ancient Jewish tradition of mourning the destruction of the temples in Jerusalem still calls on observant men and women to fast for 25 hours as they remember these events. In modern-day communities, this connection with long-ago tragedy is a spiritual challenge, our story reports.

CHEERING PIONEERS IN UTAH! This week is Pioneer Day, one of the biggest and most colorful holidays in the calendar of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On July 24, 1847, Brigham Young and his followers ended a thousand-mile search for a permanent settlement and an escape from religious persecution. In many Mormon communities, especially in Utah, it’s time for parties, parades, rodeos and fireworks.

THE BOUNTY OF SUMMER—FeedTheSpirit columnist Bobbie Lewis brings us a refreshing seasonal salad as mangos and kale are at their prime. She calls it “Just for the Kale of It.” You’ll learn about the heritage of kale and you’ll find a tasty recipe for “massaged” kale-and-mango salad. Perhaps that’s a cooking technique you’ve never tried? Go on … check it out today—and share it with friends.


1,200 is a treasure trove of movie reviews.

FAITH GOES POP—The creative mind of columnist Ken Chitwood serves up a mixed bag of religion sightings.

Singing a new song?

SING ALONG WITH US! Our recent stories about new inspirational music are prompting a chorus of readers to join in song. It’s true: Music can change the world. First, we reported on a Catholic-Jewish song-writing duo giving the world a new song based on Pope Francis’s prayer for creation. Then, we reported on a famous hymn writer whose song for the tragedy in Charleston is spreading around the world.

SHARING ‘A POWERFUL SONG’—The son of our faith-and-film writer Edward McNulty is Scott McNulty, organist at University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas.  When The New Yorker magazine was looking for a sound clip of Carolyn Gillette’s powerful new hymn, the call went out through musical networks to Scott who enlisted cantor Benjamin Cox from an Austin Catholic church to help produce a quick recording. Their audio now is featured in the New Yorker article about the new hymn. (Look for a Podcast in the middle of the story.) Scott wrote us this week that he and Benjamin were eager to help. “Our hope is that the recording will encourage other congregations to sing this powerful song, and begin or continue to fight for the rights of all people.”

INTERFAITH PEACEMAKERS—Global peacemaker Daniel Buttry continues his Summer Music Festival featuring music videos guaranteed to get your toes tapping—and your heart set on acts of kindness and justice. If you’re just joining us, so far …


One of our guiding principles: Good media builds good community. What does that mean? Enjoy these stories …

AN INSPIRING LIFE—GodSigns columnist Suzy Farbman writes about the life of the late KEYT broadcaster Debby Davison, an inspiration to friends and a generous activist for many causes. 

BOB ALPER—The author of Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This continues to travel with his trademark blend of “clean” humor. He’ll be performing close to his Vermont home, soon. If you’re in southern Vermont on Augut 5, you can catch his stand-up act at the Manchester Community Library. Then, Bob heads to Israel for a three-date tour in his “Laugh in Peace” series. He will perform with his Arab-Muslim comedy colleague Ahmed Ahmed in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa from August 15-17.

KEN WILSON—Ken Wilson and his creative team at the Third Way Newsletter are making a big difference in opening up evangelical congregations coast to coast. Interested? You’ll want to read …

DR. DAVID GUSHEE—The author of Changing Our Mind is becoming one of the regularly featured writers at Religion News Service (RNS). Are you near Georgia this month? Dr. Gushee will be preaching at the First Baptist Church of Decatur, Georgia, on Sunday mornings through the end of July.







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