Cover Story: ‘Harnessing the Power of Tension’


COVER STORY—As the world mourns losses in France, our energy can turn to violence or it can fuel our resolve to seek peace. That’s the message of long-time peace activist Brenda Rosenberg, best known for her earlier theatrical production, Reuniting the Children of Abraham, which was featured on CBS. Now, Brenda and co-author Samia Bahsoun are launching a new book and a national effort with a title that explains their cause—Harnessing the Power of Tension: A paradoxical approach to building alliances at home, in the board room, on campus, and in communities. Our popular columnist and author Suzy Farbman reports on Brenda’s dauntless spirit and importance of such daring work in these troubled times.



FRONT EDGE PUBLISHING—Long-time readers are familiar with our ReadTheSpirit Bookstore (and, of course, this is a great time to shop for holiday gifts). Founding Editor David Crumm and Publisher John Hile also are expanding a newly formed company: Front Edge Publishing, which helps organizations, universities and community leaders launch publishing projects. In the Sunday Detroit Free Press Business section, Frank Witsil profiled us and our latest work.



DON’T MISS ONE! Just remember this simple Web address to find all of the upcoming holidays, festivals and anniversaries.

CHRISTMAS (NATIVITY) IS COMING—Holidays columnist Stephanie Fenton writes about the first religious milestone in the Christmas season: the beginning of the Eastern Orthodox Nativity Fast, a centuries-old tradition of fasting in preparation for the holiday marking Jesus’s birth. This period of self denial and spiritual reflection begins November 15 with occasional days of exception and culminates on December 24.

SEASONAL HOLIDAYSOur November-themed column looks at a number of observances coming up.


FEED THE SPIRIT—The host of our FeedTheSpirit section, Bobbie Lewis, tells the story of America’s roller-coaster love affair with tuna. Once a major staple in nearly every home, tuna’s popularity has fallen in recent years. Bobbie also resurrects a classic “Charlie Tuna” video clip from Charlie’s early days in what many Americans now think of as the Mad Men era of advertising. Yes, of course, Bobbie adds a tuna recipe—yum!

GOING VEGETARIAN? Bobbie’s FeedTheSpirit tuna salad recipe wouldn’t qualify for the Orthodox Nativity Fast, but Bobbie regularly looks for vegetarian treats to share with readers. Some could even be adopted to fit the rigors of Orthodox fasting: Here’s a popular column featuring a Three-Bean Chili made with Butternut Squash.




1,200 is a treasure trove of free movie reviews by Edward McNulty. We also invite readers to consider purchasing a subscription to Ed’s Visual Parables Journal, a monthly compilation of complete faith-and-film study guides for small groups. This week, Ed is publishing the November issue.



REDISCOVER HOPE—Daniel Buttry’s inspiring new book We Are the Socks is full of true stories about men and women who risked pursuing peace even in the face of enormous challenges around the world. Read about Dan’s adventure in writing this new book. And, in a short video, Dan tells the surprising story behind the title.

INTERFAITH PEACEMAKERS—You’ll enjoy more than 100 stories of men and women who dared to cross boundaries in Buttry’s main website: InterfaithPeacemakers


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