Cover Story: Spring’s best news … We are ‘Renewable’

Eileen Flanagan interview on ‘Renewable’

COVER STORY—“The renewable energy we need most is people power!” That’s the good news you’ll discover in Quaker writer and activist Eileen Flanagan’s new memoir, Renewable. We’re all renewable, she assures us as she circles the globe and shares the true story of how she rediscovered and reclaimed her own purpose in life. This is a terrific book to pick up this spring and to spark discussion in your small group. Enjoy our interview with Eileen Flanagan!


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BEHIND THE HEADLINES—We’ve all seen the headlines about the big showdown over same-sex marriage before the U.S. Supreme Court. This week, University of Michigan sociologist Wayne Baker reports on research that looks behind the news at America’s changing values.


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1,200 MOVIES—Visit for a treasure trove of faith-and-film reviews by Edward McNulty.

RUNNING RELIGION—In “The Boston Marathon and Running as Religion,” Ken Chitwood writes: “While to some, running is a form of release and to others it’s simply exercise—read: torture—for a growing minion, running is religion.”


THE HEROES—Discover more than 100 inspiring men and women who risked making peace at


Good media builds healthy communities …

‘BEHIND THE KITCHEN DOOR’—This week, FeedTheSpirit columnist Bobbie Lewis reports on the plight of many restaurant workers—by covering an educational event at the Restaurant Opportunity Center (ROC) in Michigan. The nonprofit center trains workers for higher-paying jobs in restaurants. And, the ROC chef shares one of his signature vegetarian dishes—delicious sweet potato wontons.

RABBI BOB ALPER—The author of Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This, will perform stand-up comedy shows on May 2 at Congregation Or Tzion in Scottsdale, Arizona, and May 3 at Congregation Anshei Israel in Tucson, Arizona.

SUZY FARBMAN—The author of GodSigns publishes a column this week that you’ll want to share with friends. It’s about a woman whose roots remain a mystery—yet Nelle Miller didn’t let that stop her from forging her own generous legacy.

BULLYING IS NO LAUGHING MATTER—A great resource for classes and small groups is where we display an ever-changing array of comics (with activity guides) that adults can use with kids to talk about the tough challenge of putting a stop to bullying. This week, our Comics section reaches way back to 1945 for the third part in a classic Daredevil story.


KEEP IN TOUCH—The is part of the changing Christian landscape that is welcoming diverse men and women. This week, you’ll find new columns about Ken Wilson’s recent talk at City Church in San Francisco and about how one member of the new Blue Ocean movement finds a helpful and healing journey in “Third Way.”

DR. DAVID GUSHEE—The author of Changing Our Mind was a panelist at Q Boston last week. The event drew a huge crowd and was covered by Jonathan Merritt for Religion News Service. Dr. Gushee also continues writing, including this helpful column about “Civility and Tolerance” in the Baptist Global News website.



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