Cover Story: ‘Teach Your Children Well …’ about the Earth we love

Books to help kids fall in love with nature


OUR VALUES—University of Michigan sociologist Dr. Wayne Baker devotes his OurValues series, this week, to reporting on the challenge of getting kids more involved in helping our planet. Please, use the hashtag #OurKidsEarth to share your own ideas on social media.


DON’T MISS ONE—Bookmark (and tell friends about)


THE HEROES—Discover more than 100 inspiring men and women who risked making peace at


1,200 MOVIES—Visit for a treasure trove of faith-and-film reviews by Edward McNulty.

FAITH GOES POP—Religion scholar and journalist Ken Chitwood started our coverage of A.D. The Bible Continues. Now, faith-and-film writer Ed McNulty weighs in with his perspective, too.

  • RUNNING RELIGION—If you’re lacing up your running shoes, you’ve got to read Ken Chitwood’s new column this week, headlined The Boston Marathon and Running as Religion. Ken writes: “While to some, running is a form of release and to others it’s simply exercise—read: torture—for a growing minion, running is religion.”



Good media builds healthy communities …

FEED THE SPIRIT—Each week, food columnist Bobbie Lewis brings us something to chew on—quite literally—as well as a story about how the foods we eat define our lives and our communities. This week, Bobbie is serving Chicken Soup—but more than that, she’s telling the story of the remarkable team at the Song and Spirit Institute for Peace who provide many forms of service to our world. From music and the fine arts to nutritious food, the Song and Spirit team know connections are made in many forms!

RABBI BOB ALPER—The author of Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This, will appear in a “Laugh In Peace” comedy event with fellow comedian Mo Amer, at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas on Friday, April 24th.

SUZY FARBMAN—The author of GodSigns publishes a new real-life column this week about how a supposed Shaman’s End-of-Life Journey Takes a U-Turn. Go on. Read it. Like thousands of other readers—you’ll enjoy it.

“STORIES that shape your life” is a core theme at ReadTheSpirit. We’re inviting you, our readers, to tell us about stories that have shaped your life. One story features Frederick Buechner, whose life was shaped by The Wizard of Oz, a story he calls “America’s greatest fairy tale.” We also want to hear from you about stories that have shaped your life.

BULLYING IS NO LAUGHING MATTER—A great resource for classes and small groups is where we display an ever-changing array of comics (with activity guides) that adults can use with kids to talk about the tough challenge of putting a stop to bullying.


KEEP IN TOUCH—The is part of the changing Christian landscape that is welcoming diverse men and women. You can easily sign up for free email updates.

DR. DAVID GUSHEE—The author of Changing Our Mind, will be a panelist at Q Boston 2015 this coming weekend. His panel, “The Wrong Side of History” will include his talk titled, “Is the Church’s Historical Teaching on Sexuality Reliable?” Q Boston is an annual event with over 1,000 leaders from all channels of culture who gather to consider how to advance the common good in a pluralistic society through exposure, conversation and collaboration.



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