Cover Story: The many faces and many languages of Debra Darvick

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COVER STORY—We have several fun ways for you to enjoy Debra Darvick’s creativity this week. First, please read our Cover Story about Debra’s book, We Are Jewish Faces, a colorful picture book of Jewish diversity. We are celebrating with Debra the news that her book has been chosen by the worldwide PJ Library for distribution in 2019! Please, share this news with friends.

IMAGES ALSO TELL A STORY—Debra’s multi-faceted media work also includes the creation of a boxed set, called Picture a Conversation, which may look like a stack of beautiful full-color postcards at first glance. In fact, each card’s image prompts people to think about several questions—as printed on the back of each card. In using her set with groups in recent years, Debra has demonstrated that images are a powerful language. (Here’s more about the history of this unique project.) But are there limits of picture-based reflections? To explore that question, Debra has just written a column about communication with her infant granddaughter—which includes a great little story about sharing an image across generations.

BUT, WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Every week, we share a Front Edge Publishing column full of news and tips about professional media. This week, Marketing Director Susan Stitt writes about how the authors we publish are doing in their efforts to present engaging Amazon Author Pages. As it turns out, Debra Darvick is No. 1 on Susan Stitt’s list of prime examples.

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Wonders of the Night Sky

GOD SIGNS—Each week, columnist Suzy Farbman introduces us to remarkable men and women who invite us to see the world from fresh perspectives. This week, meet Mary Stewart Adams, whose public radio series is called The Storyteller’s Night Sky. Plus, Suzy’s column includes a link to stream some of Mary’s broadcasts. Mary’s greatest accomplishment was helping to lobby for the creation of a Dark Sky Park in northern Michigan in 2011. Mary encourages people to look up into the stars and to dream along with poets and philosophers down through the ages. Please, enjoy her story and share this one with a friend.




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MARTYRDOM of THE BAB—On this solemn anniversary, Baha’is around the world also continue to celebrate the expansion of their faith. Stephanie Fenton’s column includes news about a new temple in Colombia.

OBON IS COMING—Check your local calendars if you hope to participate in a colorful Obon festival this year. Across the United States and in Japan itself, the timing of observances vary in July and August. Stephanie Fenton has the Obon story for us.

HOT DOG! Stock up now! July is National Hot Dog Month and our own resident author Joe Grimm is one of the nation’s leading hot dog experts—at least when it comes to Michigan’s signature treatment of this beloved food: the Coney Island. Enjoy our story about July’s many food festivals, which also include ice cream, chocolate and fried chicken.

TISHA B’AV—Often described as “the saddest day in the Jewish year,” the Ninth of Av is traditionally marked with a 25-hour fast in solemn remembrance. Stephanie Fenton has the story as well as some 2018 news items related to the observance.

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ED McNULTY, for decades, has published reviews, magazine articles and books exploring connections between faith and film. Most of his work is freely published. Ed supports his work by selling the Visual Parables Journal, a monthly magazine packed with discussion guides to films. This resource is used coast-to-coast by individuals who love the movies and by educators, clergy and small-group leaders.

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