Cover Story: What stories make a difference in your life?


th 1939 poster for Judy Garland in The Wizard of OzCOVER STORY—We’re inviting you, our readers, to tell us about stories that have shaped your life. Today, our cover story features Frederick Buechner, whose life was shaped by The Wizard of Oz, a story he calls “America’s greatest fairy tale.” We also want to hear from you about stories that have shaped your life.


th The Exiled Generations on Southern Baptists by Carl KellMANY ARE WANDERING—If you enjoy our cover story, then you’ll also want to read this review of a new book about Christian culture wars, The Exiled Generations. This new book is a cautionary tale about Americans who are displaced by religious conflict.


“STORIES that shape your life” is a core theme at ReadTheSpirit. Among our recent author interviews: Rachel Held Evans on Searching for Sunday, Bob Alper on Life Doesn’t Get Any Better, Adam Hamilton on Revival of John Wesley and Ragan Sutterfield on This Is My Body.

GOD-SIGNS—Every week, author and veteran journalist Suzy Farbman ranks among our most popular writers with her real-life GodSigns stories. This week, you’ll meet a woman who heard God’s message, “Reject nothing,” and it made all the difference in her life.


th Williamsburg Idea of America book coverOUR-VALUES—Sociologist Dr. Wayne Baker continues our theme, this week, exploring the many ways stories shape our lives.


th Interfaith Peacemakers Adolfo Perez Esquivel Mayerly Sanchez Oscar Arias SanchezTHE HEROES—Discover more than 100 inspiring men and women who risked making peace at


th Yom HaShoah March-of-the-Living-AuschwitzDON’T MISS ONE—Bookmark (and tell friends about)


th Lincoln on his death bed in Peterson House from Harpers weekly May 6 1865LINCOLN SCHOLAR DUNCAN NEWCOMER published a nationwide call to organize discussions for the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death. This week our columnist Stephanie Fenton publishes a fascinating column about the assassination—and lots of other events taking place nationwide. You may also want to read her column on the earlier 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War.


th Visual Parables Jounal April 20151,200 MOVIES—Visit for a treasure trove of faith-and-film reviews by Edward McNulty.

th AD The Bible ContinuesFAITH GOES POP—Religion scholar and journalist Ken Chitwood reviews the new NBC series, A.D. The Bible Continues. More importantly, Ken asks this provocative question: “I am wondering why is Jesus such a money maker right now? Or, broader yet, why is the Bible such a hot movie ticket and television cash cow?


Good media builds healthy communities …

Bagels-by-Ezra-WolfeFEED THE SPIRIT—Each week, food columnist Bobbie Lewis brings us something to chew on—quite literally—as well as a story about how the foods we eat define our lives and our communities. This week, she tells the story of bagels and how they moved out of Jewish neighborhoods to become a common-place American treat. (Oh, and if you love exotic new bagels, watch out! Bobbie’s a bagel purist. Enjoy her story—and recipe!)

th Daredevil_Part_One_by_Charles_Biro___Anti-Bullying_ComicBULLYING IS NO LAUGHING MATTER—A great resource for classes and small groups is where we display an ever-changing array of comics (with activity guides) that adults can use with kids to talk about the tough challenge of putting a stop to bullying. This week, we reach waaay back into comic history for a tale known as Daredevil. Last week, we published Part 1 of Daredevil. This week, we add Part 2.


th Third Way Newsletter book logoKEEP IN TOUCH—The is part of the changing Christian landscape that is welcoming diverse men and women. You can easily sign up for free email updates.


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