Cover Story: Why John Wesley’s ‘Revival’ is hot, again, today


COVER STORY—We talk with the famous United Methodist pastor Adam Hamilton about why John Wesley is popular again after three centuries. Many reasons: Wesley got it right on spirituality (both head and heart must be engaged), on music (popular tunes grow churches), on thorny issues (he was anti-slavery and favored compassion for animals). Plus, Wesley was a master of the social media of his era! With his new travelogue-style book and video, Hamilton wants to spark worldwide Wesleyan pilgrimages.


PALM SUNDAY & EASTER—Two billion Christians around the world are moving toward the most important festivals of the year. You’ll find easy links to all the holidays at


PASSOVER—Coming at sundown on Friday April 3.

SUZY FARBMAN—Looking to other global religious traditions, this week, Godsigns columnist writes about discovering ancient goddesses living among us, today, in a story featuring Loyola University’s Tracy Pintchman.


HAVE YOU VOTED? University of Michigan sociologist Dr. Wayne Baker looks at the nationwide campaign to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 with a famous woman. What do the faces on our currency say about American values.


GOOD MEDIA builds good community in many ways …

WIN A FREE COPY OF ‘SHORT STUFF’—If you have thought about our motto about “good media,” then you know this truth touches the core of the world’s religious traditions. TODAY, popular author Benjamin Pratt invites readers to enjoy an inspiring “new” story, called “The Two of Us,” based on a century-old novel beloved by families around the world. Can you guess which novel? That’s the challenge. Email the answer to us—and you might win a signed copy of Ben’s new book.

INTERFAITH PEACEMAKERS—Discover more than 100 inspiring profiles of men and women around the world at where we are continuing our focus on Asia, this month …


VISUAL PARABLES—Enjoy all the reviews by veteran faith-and-film writer Edward McNulty at

FAITH GOES POP—Scientology sparks loyalty among members, but derision in much of popular culture. Religion scholar and journalist Ken Chitwood provides one of the most balanced overviews we’ve read in a long time, headlined “Sympathizing with Scientology.” Are you unsure how to regard this religious movement that keeps popping up in the public square? Ken has some thoughtful suggestions.


GET THE NEWS—The is part of the changing Christian landscape that is welcoming diverse men and women.

DAVID GUSHEE—The author of Changing Our Mind is continuing his cross country speaking tour at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, on Monday, March 23rd, Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Connecticut, on Tuesday, March 24th, and Eastern University in St. David’s, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, March 26th.




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