Happy New Year! What are your ‘Family Treasures’?


th united america family treasuresFor the new year, sociologist Wayne Baker is publishing two new activity guides for sparking spirited discussion in your small group or class. Last week, we published a five-part OurValues series about the first activity: “Taste of Home.” (That series of stories took readers from a traditional smokehouse in Tennessee to a seder table, and from the mountains of Afghanistan to a neighborhood dinner in the Midwest.) This week, you’re sure to enjoy a second series (accompanying a free activity guide) called: “Family Treasures” …


Interfaith Peacemakers Centennial of the Christmas Truce100 years ago, British, German and French men spontaneously laid down their guns in  The Christmas Truce across the trenches of World War I. Over the last week, our stories about that bittersweet day of hope and courage ranked as the most-read stories in our online magazine. This week, we are repeating these popular headlines. Please, continue to share them with friends:


Interfaith Peacemakers urges readers to become PeaceGivers
Got a little holiday cash you can spend to promote peace and encourage growth in your community? Please, consider …


th Times Square New Years Eve Waterford ball


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Movie still from Unbroken

  • VISUAL PARABLES—Just a few days left for new subscribers to purchase a whole year of Edward McNulty’s popular monthly magazine, Visual Parables Journal, at $10 off the normal price.
  • ‘UNBROKEN’—If you see one movie this week, Ed McNulty says you should go see this true story of a survivor who ultimately forgave his captors. (4 of 5 stars)
  • HOLIDAY MOVIES? Ed McNulty has you covered with reviews of all the major holiday releases. He does not like Exodus, dismissing it as “Gladiator Meets the Burning Bush” and giving only 2.5 out of 5 stars. But Ed highly recommends Into the Woods with 4.5 stars. And, he also likes the new Hobbit (4 stars), The Homesman (4.5 stars), Wild (4 stars) and Annie (4 stars).
  • FAITH GOES POP—And for a wide range of creative columns about the convergence of faith and popular culture, check out Ken Chitwood’s Faith Goes Pop. Ken’s unusual stories consistently rank among our most popular with readers.




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