Animal-human relationships, Lincoln’s birthday, Faith & Film and more


Funny title! Fascinating book!
Our interview with Marc Bekoff will open your eyes to animal-human relationships.
And, sociologist Dr. Wayne Baker tells us about Marc’s most intriguing findings in his OurValues series …
Part 1: Do dogs or cats prevent heart attacks?
Part 2: Are we more affectionate with animals than humans?
Part 3: Does “Lassie” reduce stress?
Part 4: Is there a link between cruelty to animals—and to humans?
Part 5: So, why do dogs hump?


What would Lincoln say?
Lincoln scholar Duncan Newcomer tells us what Abe thought about America’s 10 core values.
Celebrate Lincoln’s birthday Some states celebrate now; some wait until Presidents Day
More on Lincoln Explore our rich Lincoln Resource Page.
More on ‘United America’ Our ‘United America’ Resource Page has free discussion guides, free colorful posters of the 10 values … and much more.
Brian McLaren On why ‘United America’ is so important, now.


Did you know … If you’re confused about this “saint”—you’re not alone!
A Gift of True Love Suzy Farman writes about a son who saved his mom’s life.
FeedTheSpirit Got a “honeypie” in your life? Why not make our Honey Pie this week?
Want Movies? Ed McNulty recommends 10 Valentine’s Day Movies.
Want to make someoneHAPPY? That’s the title of a terrific video.
Family Fun Rodney Curtis invites you to explore Grandma’s Attic.
And, in India … Vesant Panchami. Spring festival precedes the colorful celebration of Holi.
Holidays at a Glance Our complete index to holiday stories.

10 Commandments of Health

NEW! Debra Darvick debuts a nationwide project to encourage health: Mom’s 10 Commandments of Health.


WeAreCaregivers Benjamin Pratt writes about why you should go see “Nebraska.”
Ed McNulty also recommends “Nebraska” in his review.
Ed gives 4 Stars to The Monuments Men.
4 Stars to Gimme Shelter.
But only 2 Stars to That Awkward Moment.

Philip Seymour Hoffman:
Ed McNulty remembers his greatest films.
NEW! Jane Wells says: “Addiction isn’t fiction!”


Interfaith Peacemakers
Enjoy three dozen inspiring stories of heroic men and women!
NEW! Our latest stories tell about the heroism of James Lawson, Bernard Lafayette and John Lewis.

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