Overwhelmed? Overworked? Read these stories …

th Votive CandlesREDISCOVER PEACE …
PBS’s Judith Valente talks with us about Atchison Blue and The Art of Pausing.
Judith also writes about 10 Steps you can take toward peace, right now.
Author Cindy LaFerle on Retreating (close to home).

Join inspiring men and women around the world in celebrating Interfaith Peacemakers Month with 31 heroic stories in 31 days.
Jan 19 is Rabindranath Tagore.
Jan 20 is Martin Luther King Jr.
AND: All the peacemakers at a glance.

Debra Darvick discovers an inspired community of artists making a difference.
Jane Wells reports on National Slavery … Awareness Month.
Suzy Farbman: Can you knit? Can you shovel? You can be an angel, too.
Caregiving: Have you seen a bride and groom wash each other’s feet?

… at the Movies: Ed McNulty publishes his Top 10 list for 2013.
Ed also gives a 5-star rave review to her.
and in Holidays celebrating new life: Mawlid, the Prophet’s birthday.
Across India: Festivals celebrating the return of the sun.
Tu B’Shevat: The Jewish birthday of the trees.
FeedTheSpirit: Learn about a Tu B’Shevat seder.

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