‘Ramadan mubarak!’ Greeting Muslim friends in the fasting month

Welcoming Muslim neighbors in Ramadan

COVER STORY—More than a billion Muslims are preparing for the holy fasting month of Ramadan and, this week, we are urging readers to reach out in a friendly way to Muslim friends, neighbors and co-workers. Start with this news from the Michigan State University School of Journalism about easy ways you can combat stereotypes where you live and work.

LEARN ABOUT RAMADAN—Holiday expert Stephanie Fenton writes about the sacred traditions of the fasting month and reports news from the latest Ramadan apps to a good source for traditional break-the-fast recipes. Also, for a more in-depth exploration of this month, including health-care issues related to Ramadan, you’ll want Najah Bazzi’s The Beauty of Ramadan.

New Facts about Muslims

OUR VALUES—Did you know that, right now, Christians far outnumber Muslims around the world—but by 2050 our populations will be equal? And, Christians share many of the same beliefs—and tough challenges—faced by Muslims around the world. These are just a few of the important findings from new research that can help us chart a more peaceful course in our world. That is, if … we talk about these truths with friends and spread the word. That’s something OurValues urges you to do.


DON’T MISS ONE! Tell friends about www.InterfaithHolidays.com


INTERFAITH PEACEMAKERS—International peacemaker Daniel Buttry looks at three heroes who shaped our values as Americans.


1,200 MOVIESwww.VisualParables.org is a treasure trove of faith-and-film reviews by Edward McNulty.

FAITH GOES POP—The creative mind of www.FaithGoesPop.com columnist Ken Chitwood serves up a mixed bag of religion sightings.


Good media builds healthy communities …

FAIR FOOD NETWORK—Have you heard about this small but rapidly growing idea? The Fair Food Network wants to make it possible for low-income families to afford more fresh, locally grown produce. FeedTheSpirit columnist Bobbie Lewis explains the origins of this program. And, of course there’s a recipe! This week, she shares strawberry-rhubarb pie. It’s still “rhubarb season,” so share this important story—and preheat your oven for some delicious baking.

MEET THE VETS EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT—The Michigan State University veterans project, launched by students at the MSU School of Journalism, is far bigger than a single new book. Headline news about the project has appeared in more than 200 media outlets. The title is 100 Questions and Answers About Veterans, but the “book” really is a nationwide multimedia effort packaged in book form. Read our first story about the project—and see some videos included in the book. You’ll also enjoy our story about “The Hat”—the baseball cap worn by an ever-shrinking number of WWII veterans.

GOD SIGNS—Every week, veteran journalist Suzie Farbman (author GodSigns) brings us a new story designed to open our eyes to creative, hopeful possibilities in our world. This week, she tells the story of art dealer Pavel Zoubok.

BOB ALPER—The author of Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This continues to criss-cross the nation. Any chance you’ll be in Vermont or Cape Cod this month? On June 17, he’s performing in Proctor, VT. Then, he’s performing this month at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater.


A MAJOR NEW REVIEW—Ken Wilson and the Third Way Newsletter team are celebrating a major review of Ken’s book A Letter to My Congregation. The new piece was written by Tim Keller, an influential “pastor of pastors,” as Ken puts it in his response to Keller’s piece. And, yes, Ken’s column includes a link to read Tim’s original article, as well. (The www.ThirdWayNewsletter.com is part of the changing Christian landscape that is welcoming diverse men and women.)

DR. DAVID GUSHEE—The author of Changing Our Mind will play a key role at the Atlanta Reformation Project Conference June 11-13 with Matthew Vines. Tickets are still available. The conference is a national gathering of Christians working toward inclusion with LGBT men and women. For more details, click here or on the Reformation image.







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